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We are having a few problems with my male setter Fender. He is 2 years old and a joy to have in the house, when you take him out for his daily run his behaviour changes! Fender has not been spaded.
The behaviour he displays is really upsetting. When he has a stick in his mouth he will drop it in front of another dog, but when the other dog try's to take it, he starts being very aggressive. Most male dogs he wants to fight.
Has anybody experienced such a behaviour in Setters because I haven't?

Many thanks indeed.


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You're not alone we''ve had similar problems with our 2 entire boys. We were very lucky hunted on the KC website and found Olantigh Dog Trainers in Kent Steve is ex Met Police Dog Trainer and enrolled our 2 not jlust for the training but socialisation. They have both done extremely welll Micawber is in the Advanced doing search and find and Agility. Hamilton being Posh dog and lazy by nature is doing Gold obdeience. Steve would say with Fender it is puberty kicking in however we now have 2 very social boys who enjoy sharing and meeting other dogs good luck with Fender

Thank you Lois for replying it does help, knowing I'm not the only one!

Do try to get to a good trainer it's a lot of fun, very social and they are loved in class as all ISs should be good luck Helen let us know how you get on

Hi Helen, no you are not alone!!! Just as Lois did we found a trainer who really helped us to understand our three boys and why they were behaving like hoodies when they were out!! He did actually say to us  that different ages were key and 2yrs was one of them ..sorry lol!! We now do agility with one, have tried it with the middle one but not interested...lazy Harry!! We lost the third one last year but willl also try it with the baby when he is old enough. Have also done GC with the eldest, bronze and silver...going for gold when i am healthier!! Good luck finding a trainer who can help!

Love the comment Christine 'behaving like hoodies' couldn't have put it any better. Hope you're soon feeling well enough to go on to Gold and enjoy your new baby xx

lol!! Thanks Lois, just what they reminded me of!!

My 2 'hoodies' now trained but with 'Asbos' will be back in class on Wednesday xx

hahaha!! love it!

No guarantees Finn depends on the breedline keep hoping!!




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