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I have been sent the following link by a friend who is involved in rescue, foster and rehoming dogs in Ireland and thought I would post the link on here to see if there is any interest (hope I have done this right as it is the first time I have tried to put a link on ES!)



They are 2 Irish x Tibetan Terrier boys and they look gorgeous, like Chocolate Setters.


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They look lovely, If only I had unlimited time, money and space !! ( but then it would already be full of setters <:0). Hope they find a forever home very soon.

Oh my, oh my, I am in love!!!
Oh my I am in love

lovely! good luck to them!

Ohhhh.....they are soooo cute and once again.... lucky there is miles in between us! I wish them well in finding a forever home too. :0))

I don't know any more details as I am a third-hand hearer regarding these boys, but I understand a home has been found for them together in Scotland.  Great news as they definitely pulled on heart-strings, sadly my girl would never have entertained the idea of allowing them into her home or I might have been tempted (and divorced probably!)




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