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New member - Cherry 17 week bitch - a cupla problems

Hi - I have never owned an Irish Setter before but have owned a border collie until she died from lymph cancer a few months ago. Cherry is our wonderful new puppy which we collected at 8 weeks. She is now 17 weeks and gorgeous. Everybody we meet says that she's a cutie but as she's a Setter so she will be 'mad as a hatter and untrainable!'

We took her to her first show last week and she won her minor puppy class (3-6 months); 2nd in prettiest bitch and to confound all those who consign setters to the untrainable sin bin, won the novice obedience class!!! We train by clicker and reward - positive re-inforcement operant conditioning and she loves it.

She lived up to her Kennel Club name - 'A Star Is Born'

I hope to gain more knowledge about Irish Setters from existing owners please. We met our first real problem this week as she is to have a minor operation Friday to correct an entropic right eye. Very slight inward turn but enough to irritate her so we follow the vet's advice.

The next issue will be speying which we feel is the right thing for her to avoid pyometria and mammary tumours etc but we recognise that there is a side issue of tendency to obesity afterwards (avoided by simple husbandry) and we will be sad to see her lose her rich coat colour and silky conditioning which I understand happens to a lot of speyed setters. We know it will affect her showing etc but that is not an important issue for us as we will be doing rally obedience and agility. The spey will go ahead when she is around 9 months, so, with the greatest of respect to all those who oppose such a course of action, I am not seeking a debate on whether she should be speyed or not but simply people's experience of coat loss etc and whether this is always the case and/or is there anything I can do to aid the coat condition after the operation.

Thank you everyone




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Hi Dennis, welcome to the site, just read your blog re your new puppy needing surgery for entropion. I work at a vets and they only ever just tack the eye with a stitch to stop it from rolling in at this early age. Later as the head develops, sometimes there is no need for the corrective surgery and if it is necessary it is done at around a year, when the head has finished changing shape. Please let me know what your vet intends to do, as I feel it is far too soon for actual corrective surgery, which could lead to ectropion, when the eyelids are in fact too loose. Best wishes, Linda.
Thanks Linda - Our vet, for whom we have always had a high regard (my daughter worked as head nurse for him at Chine House veterinary hospital for a number of years), did explain that a tack was often used at her age but decided (because of the length of the entropia I think) to employ the surgical option. he is going to review the situation when he can examine in detail undersedative or whatever, when she goes in on Friday but feels the surgery is best option for her at present.
Hi Fran - Thanks for response and lovely to hear of someone else cocking a snoot at those who write off Setters in obedience etc. You just have to see the loads of videos of Setters competing on U-Tube to see that it's all about training and patience (and a good sense of humour.) Thank you for the feedback on coat and eyes - very helpful. Suzanne and I are waiting right now (0900 GMT ) to hear back from the vet that she is OK after the op. I'll keep you posted. very best wishes.

Hi Dennis. I have no advice for you, but just wanted to welcome you here and congratulate you on your wonderful choice of dog!! You are in for a real treat. Of course, Border Collies are wonderful too (I had one growing up!) My first two irish were girls and both were spayed. Their coats did turn orange and fuzzy, but they were still the most wonderful dogs. My third irish is an 8 month old boy and we have not neutered him, at least not yet ... we are still pondering the decision. Good luck with your beautiful Cherry!
Thanks GiGi for the welcome and feedback. I am almost resigned to the coat thing but it's not a major issue for us but we do see her already a rich colour although not long haired as yet. Certainly have no regrets re choosing the breed - she's an absolute delight. Main problem is getting around any walk without stopping every 5 minutes to receive ooh's and aaah's from admirers. She loves it - a real tart :-)

best wishes

Hi Dennis,
Just a thought to consider-a Botox injection would relax the tissue , stop the present irritstion and possibly negate the need for surgery in the future. Just a thought! John
Hi, do you mean chine house in Leicestershire, in which case you are very near me!!

One of ,my bitch puppies was spayed by her owners and she still has a lovely coat, as per my suggestion they used Groomers evening primrose spray and the groomers evening primrose oil that is added to the food. Hope this helps and get it touch if it is Leicestershire your in.
Just checked your page!! I keep my horses in Sileby and they go to Chine House and can vouch that they are one of the best vets going, although if you use Meadow Lane vets in Loughborough and ask to see Nick then you are onto a sure bet as he used to have working Irish and now has working IRW and knows his stuff!!
Small world Danielle - Martin is our vet at Chine House (my daughter Louise used to work for him there as head nurse. We had horses too up to a few years ago. I had Fred for 10 years (lovely loopy thoroughbred) and then Jess, a Belgian Warmblood, a right slob but I loved him to bits until he developed arthritic hip badly and had to be put down. We had them stabled DIY at Brian Beeby's in Swithland and were members of Soar Valley and Rearsby riding club. Useful advice on vet at Meadow Lane as you never know when you need an experienced Irish owner.

I know of one setter in our village (5 months) and a lovely setter in near Cossington (Rory) - her owner has a broken ankle or something at moment but we see her Mum (I think) walking him sometimes at Cossington Meadows - surely that can't be yours? best wishes, Dennis
Ah yes, I know of Brian, and my gran works in Swithland!!
I don't have any of mine in Cossington, though there are a few of mine in Leicestershire close by so you never know! If you ever see me walking you wont miss me with 3 irish and now our new addition an irish red and white!! Where about's are you? You'll have to give me a shout to meet for a walk.
Martin is our vet normally for the horses and Sue Singer who works there keeps her horse at the same field!! Very small world indeed!
Hiya im Kate a newbie i hav a 2 year old bitch and is not speyed, I giv her garlic tablets, which conditions her coat and leaves a beautiful shine, also helps keep fleas away to!

She also had to have entropian on the right eye, i had noticed eyelashes were scraping on eye, when she was about 9mth vet said to wait until she was fully grown as it may be a case of growing into the skin to pull it down.

But still didnt change, so had op and home with a lampshade! (on a setter)! crashing in to things still full of beanz!

Have heard lots of people mention how goog evening primrose is too.

Kate and Ruby
Hi Kate - thanks for response. The lampshade has been a problem and she has already smashed the clips on one but thankfully comes of on Monday. Interesting to hear about the evening primrose - I'll have to give it a try.





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