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Ok all, I'm getting an IS puppy, projected birth date December 29 and should be coming to our home around March 2,2013!
I'm open to either sex, temperment being more important to me. He/She is from Fleetwood Farms in Akron, Ohio. Pat Jesson, the breeder, was on the cover of Dog World Magazine.
No, I've never had a setter but grew up with a couple of darlings.
So I've fastened my seatbelt--bring on the advice! (I have two dogs each 9yrs old, haven't had a puppy in awhile! )

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What a start to the New Year!

Enjoy your new life belonging to an Irish Setter,it's great fun!

Advice later, I think.

Much thanks Howard!

Welcome to ES, how exciting a new puppy. You say you havent had a pup for a while (good luck) I have a 5 month old red, and two other reds aged 5 & 8 so I hadnt had a pup for a while either, I must have forgoten how naughty they are !!!!!! But love her to bits, you have a wait before the fun begins. You didnt say what your other dogs are ?

Thank you for the welcome Angela :) I currently have a Yorkie and Beagle, both female, each nine years old.
My parent's dearest friends had IS, and I have fond childhood memories of them.
My Mom's Maltese is 12yrs and we sort of started the mind game of what would we like next? Once I hit upon an IS, it sort of snowballed, and I'be become obsessed!
What antics has your 5mo been doing?!

Hold on to your hats you might be in for a shock if you haven't had a puppy in a while.  IS are very mischevious puppers and can make you tear your hair out at times, but they are grrrrrreeeeeat fun ! You have to learn to go with the flow. They are great levelers.

Well Fran, we're getting materials together for our new fence, evidently a picket fence is not adequate! Lol I'm really looking forward to some excitement, I'm sure you'll hear all about it!

Hi Kimberley, wow!! what a lovely start to a new year for you and your other dogs!!!! I am on my 4th IS now, sadly number three died this year at quite a young age so now we have 5 month old George along with Merlin 6yrs and Harry 3yrs..they took a while to accept him, that's the first thing.....Merlin was much more laid back but Harry, already grieving for Jack didn't take kindy to this newcomer lol!!! George however just igmored all that and after about a week they all bonded nicely. George is just starting to get naughty, i have to say he has been the best behaved, quickest house trained one so far!! BUT...yesterday I had a cake cooling on the side while i made the icing, I just happened to glance sideways as george was about to take a chunk out of it lol!!! He is going to be a counter surfer I can see!! Good luck with you new little one, will be watching to see what antics he/she gets up to!!

Looking forward to some pictures and some naughty but nice reports too :-D

The best breed in the world. They do take a long while to mature, so be patient. Same as all puppies, they have teeth like needles and they will bite and chew anything and everything. Riley is almost 18 months old and is still a bit naughty, but much better than he was at first. He still steals things and as he is so big, nothing is out of his reach. Irish setters also think they are lap dogs!
Thank Christine, I'm very sorry to hear about Jack. George sounds ornery! My beagle can be a "trash hound" at times when she smells something exceptionally tempting! I'm glad your newcomer was accepted, it gives me hope! Mainly worried about my Yorkie bc she's definately "mommy's girl"! And she's bossy! Lol
Thanks Andy, I'll definately keep all of this in mind! We had always had large dogs until the last decade. Lol Our Rottweiler, Kelsey was our children's nanny! (And also thought she was a lap dog, and an outfielder for our son as well as playing dress up with our daughter.) She's been gone many years but forever in our hearts. I am so looking forward to life with a setter!!!!

Life is better with a setter!




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