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Ok all, I'm getting an IS puppy, projected birth date December 29 and should be coming to our home around March 2,2013!
I'm open to either sex, temperment being more important to me. He/She is from Fleetwood Farms in Akron, Ohio. Pat Jesson, the breeder, was on the cover of Dog World Magazine.
No, I've never had a setter but grew up with a couple of darlings.
So I've fastened my seatbelt--bring on the advice! (I have two dogs each 9yrs old, haven't had a puppy in awhile! )

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Ha ha, I'll remember that James,because all my husband keeps saying is "setter rhymes with shedder"!

Completely agree with James ! Life is better with a setter or two or three or more .......... :-)
Oh, stop it you lot as I want another one too! Good luck with the pup, Setters are so unique!!!

Lifes better with a setter, is going to be my new motto, thanks James (",)

My pleasure, as always!

Yes Louise, I've noticed you have been kicking this idea around for awhile! Lol :)

Yes I have Kimberly and getting nearer my goal, hehe




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