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Hi all,

This morning I had a panic attack in my bed straight after waking up.  I was hyperventilating and shaking, and my husband of course came to me because he stays with me until I get through it.  But Ollie jumped up from sleeping on the floor, came and laid on the bed and literally licked my cheek a few times and then kept his head pressed right against my left cheek until I resumed normal breathing again.  He then stayed with me for half an hour laying right next to me, then standing next to me.

I've never ever been protected or defended by an animal before but I am so emotional about it because it's proved to me what I've always known, that the bond between a master and a dog is unbreakable.  

I know Ollie may be hyper when people come to visit and he can be a monkey when we are eating our dinner, but his heart is gold and his nature and behaviour with us is second to none.  I love my dog more than words can express and I just wanted everyone to know that.

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Nicky, I'm very glad Ollie helped you trough it, but after hearing so many great stories about setters helping their owners, I'd been more surprised if he hadn't been your hero trough such a hard time for you!
They trully are very wise dogs, and know exactly what they need to do in every situation, having one of this dogs next to us is like having a bouncing tresure sharing our lives with us.
Again, I'm really glad Ollie was able to help you so wisely, and thank you for sharing another great story of how amazing setters are!

Just as i always  thought these are wondreful dogs, (",)

Ollie you are a hero. To know what to do during a panic attack is hard enough for family but you have showed how wondeful and intune Setters are. Hope they are few and far apart Nicky but it is great to be supported by husband and Ollie.

Plenty of cuddles to wonderful Ollie!!!! indeed he is your hero Nicky, and it will help you with your panic attack because you now know that you have a very wise 4 legged GP around to help and protect you, in addition to your husband of course  :-)

So very happy that you have such a wonderful hero with you!!!!!




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