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My boy Finn has just been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. He had a lump growing on the mucous membrane of his upper lip...relatively small but red as you might expect and the other boys kept bothering him because of it. He had it removed on Monday. Our vet thought it was just fibrous tissue, but sent it to the lab anyway.

This morning results are back and we're shattered...our vet too, as Finn is a bit of a favourite of his. We have an appointment at a specialist clinic on Monday for consult and tests to see if it has spread to other parts.

I would be grateful for any information if anyone has experience of this sort of cancer.

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Thoughts & prayers for you and Finn, Sue. Best wishes.

Dear Sue and Finn

I feel terrible for you both. I did some research about Finn's diagnosis and I am not going to be able to give you any information that you do not already know. The grading of the biopsy and whether the cancer has metastasised will determine the treatment. Because the tumour was relatively small, was the grading of the biopsy a 1? If so, this is a very good sign. Even though a CT scan is more expensive than radiographs, Misty's specialist surgeon recommended a CT scan because this is the most reliable test to determine metastasis. I followed his recommendation and particularly for Misty, I believe it was well worth the extra cost. 

Hobson, Misty and I will pray that the melanoma has been caught in time and Finn responds very well to the recommended treatment. Please let us know what the specialist has to say on Monday. We will be thinking of you both.

Susan xxxxxx

I am sorry to hear your news.I have no experience of malignant melonama but I send you my love at this worrying time.

Dear Sue

i am afraid I also dont have informations on this. This is a terrible moment for you, i really really hope the cancer has been caught early enough. Let us know what they say today.. and a big hug to Finn. 

Hi Sue, I've been checking ES every day in the hope of seeing good news about Finn. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you both. Warm Wishes from Susan, Hobson, Misty and the rest of our family xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Susan,

Thank you for caring. Its been a nightmare fitting everything in!

We went to the clinic and had to leave Finn for a CT scan. In the end it was agreed that an X Ray would give the information regarding metastasis to the lungs. He also had an aspirate of the lymph nodes.

As the X Ray was clear, the surgeon excised the area 2 cms all round. He was very skilful and thanks to Finn having a lot of flew, the result is not badly disfiguring as there was enough tissue to use when sewing him up.

Collected him on  Wednesday evening. Saturday -  good news. The lab results were clear as far as they go. Christmas eve the stitches come out and we see the oncologist for an initial appt. It is expected that Finn will then have a course of vaccine given over 8 weeks and then every 6 months to boost the immune system to fight off any cancer cells lurking.

Prognosis is guarded at the moment. Possibly up to a year. We have to be optimistic but I am worried because he has lost such a lot of weight. that something else may be going on!

He's a happy soul and has no idea that he has a big problem, so we just carry on and enjoy life :)

I've cut my workload so I can spend more time with all the boys and of course Bridie, who is now struggling with her cancer and now severe arthritis. She needs encouragement to eat now, but still enjoys her toys.

So glad that Hobson and Misty are working through their ordeals. 2014 hasn't been good to any of us....or has it? We still have our beautiful and loving setters Susan, so onwards and upwards! xxx

Hi Sue

Glad the news of xray was clear and that Finn's op went well, do stay optimistic, I was told 3years ago my Finlay had 6 weeks left, they said he had bone cancer, he had x-rays that were clear, but he like your Finn was happy loved his walks and his toys, I just knew he couldn't be that I'll, even though all vets agreed he was, well my sweetheart is 5 years old today, sending you all our best wishes xxx

Also glad to hear that your update on Finn is positive, Sue. Best wishes for you all in 2015. James & Romeo.

also glad that thing are positively improving,, yes, of course the vet have to be conservative , but life is another thing.. takes every day /month/year/decade as a gift and all the best, we never know what happens in the end :)

i hope finn will have some lovely time again with all his brothers!

Hi Sue and Finn

It is very good news that the lab results were clear.

Re what you said about 2014, I say to myself almost every day that even though this year has been so very hard, at least Hobson and Misty are still alive, and Hallmark too. I agree wholeheartedly with what you feel .. onwards and upwards!

Re Finn’s prognosis, Misty’s case was so rare that I could not even be given a prognosis. I was hoping I could “get ahead of the cancer” but this is not an option. I check Misty several times a week for abnormalities. I do not ever think that Misty will not live a very long life. She is the sweetest soul.

You are doing everything you possibly can for Finn, and for Bridie, and I have come to realise that this is all we can do.

Because of my terrible experiences with vets, I hope the vet specialist caring for Finn has considered every option and he/she has taken a personal interest in Finn. You are astute enough to determine this very quickly. I hope Finn does not continue to lose weight.

I really hope that Finn will be fine.  I understand your despair.

Warmest Wishes from Susan, Hobson, Misty and all our family xxxxxx

So pleased to hear that Finn's results were better than you expected them to be, but also understnad just how worrying it all is and how anxious you will be feeling. His prognosis may be guarded but enjoy every minute you have left together, it's very precious time to be with your wonderful boy.

Thinking of you,





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