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My little Rosie met a very grumpy, out of control German Shepherd today. Rosie being super submissive rolled over and the German S needed kicking off! The owner also needed a good kicking!! Her excuses were that her dog is only a puppy (it was fully grown and clearly heavier than Rosie) in season and going to puppy classes!! I was shocked let's put it that way. She couldn't see that her dog was very dominant aggressive!!

My dalmatian (who was snoozing at home at the time) can be unpredictable with some dogs (also because he was attacked and bitten at 12mths) but i always put him on a lead or walk away. I've certainly learnt to 'read' dogs and the next one that 'stalks' it's way up to Rosie will meet more than my foot!!

The last thing i need is a setter who is scared and shows fear aggression !! So we had a good play with the ball straight after and then she want off to make sure all the squirrels were in their trees, so we think she'll be ok :)

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That a girl, Lynsey. Take no nonsense....from anyone!

Unfortunately this is happening all the time! Certain Breeds fall in the wrong hands and people have got very little understanding on how to train them! I hope little Rosie has forgotten about the incident and you did the right thing to play with her and make her associate her walk with a happy experience! :-)

Oh dear - I do hope she will be OK - sounds as if you did the right thing :-)  

I have almost the opposite problem - my 12 month old boy is VERY single minded!  He can be superbly obedient, but when over the fields if he gets a sniff of something (passing lady dog, a deer,  anything else that seems a better idea that obeying me) & I do not grab him in time, he can just leg it!!  

My problem is with those that just carry on walking in the opposite direction whilst my dog happily runs after & plays with their dog paying NO attention whatsoever to me.  Once I catch up, quite often hot & sweaty & out of breath, I then get chastised for my dog not being under my control.  Well if you had only waited for me - I am obviously trying!!! Argh.

Most of the "usual walking crowd" dog owners that know him find him very funny & will grab him if I am not in sight, and all comment that he is gradually getting better :-) 

I did not want a doormat, I wanted a personality - well - I have certainly got that :-)




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