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Our gorgeous 8mth old IRWS has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips :(

After noticing a couple of weeks ago that Poppy was holding her right leg and having periods of lameness, we took her to the vets. The first vet we saw - our usual vet was on holiday - said to have her on Metacam for a week as she thought it was muscle strain. At the time, I said that I would prefer to have her x-rayed as her hips weren't symmetrical and I suspected she was suffering from CDH - I explained that my eldest daughter suffers from the same thing and the symptoms were similar. She rotated the hips, not to a great degree and thought I was been over cautious.

A week later and she was still the same so I booked an appointment to have her seen by my usual vet today. As soon as he rotated her left hip, you heard it 'clunking' in and out of joint. The other hip couldn't even be rotated to that extexnt because it was too painful for her. When I saw the x-rays, it was like looking at my daughter's hips!

He memtioned about building up the muscle with hydro but I said I want her to have a triple pelvic osteotomy, as this is the best way of making sure she has as normal a doggy life as the other dogs.

She's booked in for next Friday for the op but I don't know whether to get her referred to Noel Fitzpatrick - the 'bionic vet'. I did mention it to him and he says the orthpaedic specialist they have have a great success rate with this procedure. It's just I know from past experience with my daughter, you need to get it right first time!

Also, he recommended changing her diet to Hill j/d, as this greatly slows down the arthritic process but I really don't like that stuff. We feed her on the BARF diet and give her salmon oil and glucasomine. This diet would be a lifetime thing, not just until she's recovered.

Any advice on the vet referral/food would be greatly received.

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enjoy poppy at home and i am sure will be spoiled with plenty of cuddles:)) at least is with you again, where she should be, ohhh is such a relief to have them at home, even if you check them constantly, at least they are with you :)))

I hope is the end of the worries and things will progress and improve from now!!!

So good to have her back but she's so hyper making it really hard to keep her calm! She's like a rocket when you open her crate door!!!

Trying to keep a young setter calm - mission impossible.  Good luck x

Just a quick update for you all on Poppy's progress.....

This weekend, she went for her first 'proper' walk off the lead! As soon as we let her off she ran like the wind, determined to keep up with Darcey! If it wasn't for quarter of her body having no fur, you wouldn't know there was anything wrong.

Despite a couple of set backs, her recovery has been amazing. There was no real stiffness afterwards and she's no longer on Metacam. It's just a shame that she has to go through the whole thing again :(

Glad to hear Poppy is doing so well (",)

That's fantastic news!!!!  So pleased for you and Poppy.  I hope its the first of many for her xx

Well done team Poppy, great news.

So pleased for you and Poppy. Good luck with second one!

Poppy has had her post-op check up and it looks like she won't have to have her right her done for quite a while, as her new left hip has been so successful!

She's running round just as much, if not more, than the others and suffers no pain at all! She is also Metacam free which is great!

She's just come into season so she's on top form at the moment when it comes to naughtiness but I'm so gald to have a bouncy, misbehaving puppy at last :)

Thanks to all who have sent messages of support during the last few months, it been so helpful!

Emma & Poppy x

Wonderful news Emma and Poppy.

wonderful news !!!! lot of cuddles to Poppy from us!

Fantastic news Emma. What a relief for you.  Best wishes to you and Poppy for the future.




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