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I posted earlier in the year that my setters had never been to a big city - well they have now!  We have been holidaying in Yorkshire and caught the park and ride into York.  The bus was packed but my 2 behaved wonderfully and several people commented what well behaved dogs they were and they had never seen spaniels in such a lovely colour (I did politely correct).  I was very proud of them and it reminded me how adaptable they can be.  We loved Yorkshire and if anyone wants a recommendation of a dog friendly place to stay with miles of off lead quiet walks then I can recommend Griffon Forest Lodges.  If anyone else can recommend anywhere then please do post as I seem to spend hours around christmas time trying to find a dog friendly holidays.  Another item I found really useful was the prestige cooling coat.  My younger setter really suffers in the heat since she was spayed and her coat went wild.  I thought I would try it and she loved it, she was much more lively and didn't try and roll it off once.  My family always groan when I buy another gismo for the dogs but even they say this one was a good idea.  Happy holidays everyone

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Can't see the writing but went to your page got most of it, be good to hear your news when you return.there is a new group for holiday experiences would be nice if you posted on there as well, future reference all in one place. Enjoy your holiday :)




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