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HI All

I am the human of two setters, I live in a kennel not in a house because they say I can.I donn`t take them to the beach they let me drive. The door handles are upside down because they donn`t want to open the doors when it is cold. I didn`t want to sit on the sofer anyway.I love the soap washed of my arm when I am in the bath, by a rough tounge.

Would I have it any other way ? ` NO ` tell me I am normal !!!

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You're normal!

Of coarse you are normal

As normal as you can be!

I can no longer continue to write because I'm being summoned to bed, where two red girls await for their night cuddles! If I hurry, I may still have time to brush my teeth! =)

What could be more normal (",)

Well I have to ask whether it is normal that I willingly slept in a tiny bed too small for an adult in the spare room of the caravan so that Bella could share the double with Mr B as she had been a bit unwell early in the morning (eating things she shouldn't in the garden) and was still feeling sorry for herself at bedtime (despite managing a chicken dinner).  Because that's what I did last night......

Oh don't worry Elizabeth!

After writing my post, I rushed to bed to meet my red queens. Pitanga looked at me and then looked to Romã, as if saying "she's your human too, deal with it, you never let my punish her when she finally comes back". Romã looked at me and then simply told me "lie down". As I did, she kindly rewarded me with her head for me to rub until she was sleeping. Pitanga did not "speak" or look at me until it was morning and I was holding her plate.

I wonder how could my life be more perfect than it is?




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