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Please watch and give me your thoughts around this... I would appreciate it

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Yep, that would be the one...
I've known Robyn for ages.  Do you work your pup at all?

Yep.... Im getting my pup ready for the live game trails early next year. Finally getting some daylight time for training as the days get longer and longer...

I've met Robyn when she comes over to judge field trials in the UK, and she and  her dogs have an international reputation. Amazing where they get to, a friend in the far north of Norway who has one of my dogs also has a very good working red who is the son of a Kilsheelan that Robyn sent to Norway. Robyn and her husband John started I believe, with show bred Irish Setters many years ago, worked hard to train their show dogs to work, but eventually decided to go with working red Irish Setters. Must be hard breeding in New Zealand where the only way to bring new working setter blood into one's lines is to import

Good luck with your dog Petros, hope you and your dog enjoy what you are doing (thats the most important thing) and do it well, keep telling us how he is coming on,  and dont worry too much about other people do with their Irish Setters :)) We all do what we enjoy most!

Cheers Margaret. You are right they did have one, and I believe it was the first and last show dog they had... She has thought me a lot. I'm glad you have met her she knows quite a bit, I do plan to come your way some time in the future and check out the good kennels there...





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