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Can anyone help, i don't know if a trip to the vets is over reaction or if this is normal....

Ruby has just had her first season during which I noticed her nips were swollen, at the time Ii paid little attention as I figured it was just the hormones but I notice today they are even more so and the couple in the soft belly area are even bruised looking? Advice anyone? She is a little out of sorts but tnis I put down to sulking after holidaying last wknd with the collie puppies on farm so she got to play all day everyday!

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One of my girls had such swollen nipples and was producing so much milk after her first season that people thought she was having pups!  Throughout her life she had phantom pregnancies after every season, she would take the same soft toy to bed with her and curl up with it every night being very careful not to tread on it as she settled down.

The ones I have now are nearly the same, they all produce loads of milk and make nests but only two of them adopt soft toys as substitute puppies. 

I wouldn't worry, it's just nature's way of saying your girl is developing into a adult.

Some bitches go through a dreadful time just after their season...all of mine have had phantom pregnancies, and some of them have produced enough milk to feed the five thousand (puppies that is) they go off their food....dig holes in the furniture and the garden, they get very depressed, this is all normal....

I use Sepia 1M for mine. A cause of three days, one powder each day at the same time....(any good homoeopath will provide this for you...but it must be 1M) 

As for the bruising this could be from playing with the Collie puppies, but I should keep an eye on this for a wee while...

I hope that she comes round soon...good luck for the future for your wee girl.....

Thank you so much for your replies, instinct told me this was phantom preg tendancies but I was getting worried it going on for a while? My last setter got a pyo after her first season so I never seen this carry on before. The hole thing makes sense, she snuffles in the furniture and on our matresses and there are a lot more holes in the garden too! Thanks again, mummy will settle now but continue to make fun adventures daily, the depressed side of it makes me sad! Poor dog.




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