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But Bess ate a whole rabbit today (skinned and gutted) and with the most enjoyment she's ever shown for food.

Have taken a delivery of meat from a new supplier and it all looks such good quality.

With a girl who's always thought any time spent eating was a waste of playtime it was a real joy to see. Hopefully we can get her eating sorted out now and she'll put the weight on she needs. Unless she tries to insist on rabbit everyday!!

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Oh let me know if she enjoys it. I will have to see if I can persuade mine to eat game and maybe get them a hare too.  If not, I am sure I know of another dog who will eat it.

I'll let you know what she makes of the hare! 

I would say not to over buy! We had a dog that would only eat tripe,I filled the freezer with tripe and she then went 'off' it!

That's why I bought an assortment!  :0) 

Unfortunately Bess isn't going to get her hare shoulders tonight, despite the fact she's been interested in them defrosting all day.  I bought some salmon oil and put it on her food on Tuesday - she was quite ill afterwards, but I never considered for one minute it was the oil, as the Prize Choice mince I'd defrosted looked a bit grey, and I put it down to that.  Gave her some liver earlier (have to cook it at the moment, but she needs offal so I try to encourage her to eat it), and put some more salmon oil on it.  She likes cooked liver, but wasn't too keen eating it today which I thought was odd.  Then poor love was very ill again.

So I have to put it down to her being allergic to the salmon oil.  So the hare shoulders are back in the fridge until tomorrow - she's obviously very dissapointed, but her stomach needs time to settle.

Does anyone know what I can substitute for the Omega 3 oils if she can't eat fish?  (I've tried her with several types and she doesn't want to eat it - quite possibly she can't!)

Trish, Barkley cannot take most fish oils.  Salmon makes him ill, even eating a couple of prawns will make him ill, however, he can take krill oil :-)  I put a few squirts of this on his food.


Tallulah became unwell on Prize Choice. I do wonder about the quality of their meat. I now get ours from either Natural Instinct or Honeys.

Well Bess had her hare shoulder tonight - in fact she's had two of them.  Harder for her to eat than the rabbit, but she didn't let that stop her and munched her way through both.  If she could have put a smile on her face she would have.  Her expression was something like 'now that's what I call food, Mum!'  So lovely to see her enjoying something.

And she ate all the beef mince at breakfast time.  This is going far too well at the moment.....

Oh wow Trish, Wish you could have taken a video clip and put it up for us to see. I just love that happy happy meal expression. I am glad she enjoyed it. I will have to get some for my guys and hope my picky bunch will tuck in rather than just sitting there saying "what the hell are we supposed to do with this" which is what I got from shop bought rabbit lol

An hour and a half? No wonder they were tired!

I'm trying the tripe mince tomorrow - she's been iffy about tripe to date so will see what she makes of the MVM version. If she eats that she'll get a veal bone to try.

Well Bess, you are really going to be enjoying meal times..... happy eating :-)

Well, today Bess had minced tripe which she wasn't so keen on. She needed to have some offal, but won't it it raw yet, so I flash fried some kidney, chopped it, and mixed it into her tripe. Best thing since sliced bread apparently!

For supper she's had her first heart. She was a bit overwhelmed by this big blob in her bowl so I sliced it for her. She ate it quickly enough then!

Will go and choose her dinner for tomorrow in a moment!

Mine had minced beet today. Tomorrow they have lambs hearts and lambs necks. A real tasty favorite :-)




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