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But Bess ate a whole rabbit today (skinned and gutted) and with the most enjoyment she's ever shown for food.

Have taken a delivery of meat from a new supplier and it all looks such good quality.

With a girl who's always thought any time spent eating was a waste of playtime it was a real joy to see. Hopefully we can get her eating sorted out now and she'll put the weight on she needs. Unless she tries to insist on rabbit everyday!!

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Gave Bess a lamb's heart this week.  She didn't know what to do with it, so I cut it into slices and she wolfed it down.

Yesterday I had to work, so I gave her her mince in the morning, and left a couple of hare's shoulders to defrost.  She hadn't eaten her mince by the evening, so I just gave it back to her again.  She kept running to where the shoulders were defrosting!  I think she'd been smelling them all day and had been looking forward to them, but I'm being stricter now.  She eats her mince or gets nothing else! 

I could feel her disappointment though! 




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