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Question for our members in Germany and nearby countries

I am cross-posting this for a good friend of mine who runs a huge Setter rescue organization in the states.  Thanks in advance for any help or updates!

A lady in Stuttgart Germany contacted Save Our Setters for rescue help for her 12 year old Irish lad. He is lonely and is barking when the family is away at work and school.  The neighbors are complaining.  Is there a Setter rescue organization in the area?  If not, does anyone know of a home that would want to share their home and heart with this boy?

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Yes, there is www.setter-in-not.de or please contact Liane Grewe at www.hundepfoten-in-not.de

If there are existing some pictures and describing, I can publish it at several german discussion plathforms for gundogs or setter - and if it is needed on my website www.working-gundogs.de

poor old lady - its unbelievable .. giving her away at this age - I hope we can find a solution for her

Thanks for the suggestions.  Just passed them along.  Thanks again for all the help!!!

Danke Cornelia - hatte ich leider nicht bemerkt dass die Links nicht funktionieren

An idea for solving this problem could be a dogsitter? Or maybe they can find an older man or woman who would like to care for this dog over the day? Were do they live? Its really a sad situation for the family ..




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