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can any body help ruby is 21 months has been to kennel club classes and might i say did well but she has started to ignore me while we are out and will not come back when recalled no matter how much i call her she ignores me i have tried food whistles and a clicker but none are working she just ambles on like she hasnt got a care in the word also i walk her 3 times a day minnimum at least for 1hour a time always off lead in the forest ???????

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This topic has been discussed a number of times here in the forum. Here are the links for some of the discussions I think might help you:







There are people here in the ES far more qualified than me to help you, but here are a few things tht helped me solve the problem:

Make yourself the absolutely most interesting thing in your walks. The way to get their attention depends on your dog's interests: A toy, food, lots of play and fun time with you, a bike, ... Never get angry with your dog when she finally comes, always praise, to make her realise that coming to you is good. Also, you can get her to come to you during your walks, grab her collar, praise and let her go again. You may even put her leash on, praise and let her go again. It'll make her realise that leash and you calling her does not mean the end of her walks.

Also, if you have access to a fenced field, I'd definetely take Ruby there for her walks until the problem is solved, jut to avoid any accidents like running off.


I hope any of this will help you! 




Some very good advice there.I had a problem with Fred(and still do sometimes) but realised that he didn't like his Gentle Leader and he knew, if he came back, it would be back on.I stopped putting him on the leader and he started to come back to me again.The advice about putting on her lead then letting go again is very sound.




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