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Looking to add to my family and wondered if the Red and whites are really difficult to obtain these days? Anyone know of reputable breeders out there in the UK?

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One of the reasons I was smitted by the Red&White is that I had one appear in my puppy classes who was just sooooo willing to train.  I compared his learning ability to that of a sharp collie.  I spoke to his mum and met up with her and the dog on a regular basis. She had owned reds previously and told me that she found the R&W more full on, and when I started doing further research, this is what I was told over and over again by people in the breed who'd had both reds and red and whites.  I would say that DaisyMae fell right into that description as a puppy, but now I would say she is much steadier than any of the reds I have owned and more attentive and eager to please. I think this is why she has now trained to the level of competition obedience she has.  My obedience trainer keeps telling me that she works like a border collie but without the manic behaviour you can often find coming from a collie.  I think this is a very good description.  A red and white is indeed a good all round dog, especially for people like myself who like to do things.  

My biggest concern about the breed is the small gene pool and some people are breeding them with very high COI's.  Although this is no guarantee of good health (Daisy Mae has a VERY high COI, but is in great health at the moment) I would much rather go for a dog with a lower COI in future. because I do believe that the higher the COI the greater the chances of any inherent problems finding an open channel to develop..... but this is not something to be discussed here for anyone who wants to jump, there are other threads on this subject. I am just stating this imho,

Fran is right I have both red and red and whites. The red and whites certainly pick up things easier and quicker than reds remember that includes both good and bad. Don't worry about COI at the moment if you decide a red and white is for you that is the time to research and decide for yourself.


Just to clarify... all UK registered IRWS are clear from CLAD and vWD as the KC will not register puppies unless both their parents are clear of these diseases. 

The breed average Hip Score is 10.

COIs are only 'high' eg. in the 20% 30% where breeders don't outcross. By outcross I mean breeding with as unrelated dogs within the breed, as possible - everything else being considered.  In the last two years, breed data shows the majority of COIs are in the teens or below 10%.

So Louise, be patient, do your research, see as many IRWS as possible - don't be shy IRWS folks love talking about their dogs and showing them off - there is a breed open show at Overseal in October..... and yes they are different from Irish Setters in that they are full of 'go' and are smarter than the average human!  Easy to train? yes!  IF you are as smart, or better, smarter than them!


karen lockwood in suffolk has a litter of 5 females.Red and whites are more cautious of people than reds.Our two have a very good recall something which our red one would only do if it suited her. The bitches are better at problem solving than the males door opening is a common skill. Unless you fancy running for an hour or sothey really need somewhere to run off the lead  where you can have a stroll.IRWS are a stealth dog in that they are often not noticed  for what they are,confused with springers .A good number of people who claim to know dogs will insist there is no such breed and you have purchased a mongrel.The body shape is different  to reds.Be prepared for the 6 months away greeting when you come back from the shops.

Thank you David for the info and everyone else. I really have got some thinking and research to do as I like the red and whites but also my red too! I spent a long time training my current dog to achieve 99% recall as I hate seeing any dog stuck on a lead and we have lots of fields where I am as semi rural but also come across lots of people, children and livestock etc. yes I too get a massive greeting when coming home, with lots of wiggling and wooh wooing but have always responded to the greeting when Reuben is calmer and sat on his bottom, lol.

I live near Bristol and wonder if there are any red and white breeders near me at all?

puppys are listed for club members of 2 years or longer On irws club gb; litters are often welcomed on the facebook groups It is worth joining the club. We often list litters that are selling slowly on our lovenjoel setters website,The  kennel clib lists breeders on an area/breed basis as do Champdogs. We have about a 98% recall with our Irws and the 2% is usually food related picniks and certain dustbin bags .Recall training a pup living with an older dog was a breeze bot just a food reward but competition

Thank you David,  I put a request to join the fb group. Well after all they are animals so I cant say I blame them when it comes to picnics etc - I struggle myself to stay away from foof , haha

i will check out your website too, thank you

Can't agree with you more David, even down to being mistaken for Springers and even Beagle on one occasion. However, what a big surprise. Two weeks ago, I met a lady with a Collie who looked at DaisyMae and said "oh my goodness, an old fashioned Irish Setter like you see in the paintings"  My jaw almost hit the floor.

It really makes your day when someone recognises the breed it doesnot happen that often. but it is a pleasure talking to those who ask what breed . Its the argumentative ones that leave me biting my tongue




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