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Hi all

I am wondering if somebody had experience with eyes constantly red in the bottom (lower) part. Oberon is like that more or less all times: we consulted the vet a couple of times in the past and is definitely not an infection (no discharge, etc). A bit of antibiotic drops have been given in the past "just for safety" or in one occasion in which he really had an infection after a beach trip,  but they do not help with the general problem. At times (and now we are in one of these period) he's often rubbing his eyes with the paws or against the floor, in particular after a nap. Now, I wish to have him tested for entropium but honestly it doesnt look to me it may be that, since the lower eyelid is not at all rolling inside. No sign of bumps in the eyelid or discharge either..


I am wondering if somebody had similar experiences, and if there is any oilment/eye drop that can  help.

I am cleaning his eyes with saline solution and from time to time we applied tea bags, but, as i said, he seems in a bit of disconfort at times.


Thanks!!! silvia


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I have used MURINE eye drops for Irritation and Redness (there are other varieties of Murine).  You can buy this product over the counter in most chemists in the UK.  It is for humans but works a treat on dogs.  It is the white and red bottle and has certainly helped my dogs when they have had allergic reactions with, so far, no adverse affects.  If you can get it then try it and see.  On application it seems to drain the red colour from the eye and surrounding membraines....very strange when you first see it. 

thanks a lot!!! the vet confirmed the absence of entropion /infection and we have been given tears for red and dry eyes: apparently it may be just that O. has sensitive eyes and he's more affected than usual by dust, etc.. His bottom eyelid is a bit loose and, although is not ectropion either, this may contribute to having more sensitivity to pollution and dust.. I will see how is going:)


At moment, and since yesterday,  we are using viscotears (available from local chemistry) which is tears in gel, so easier to apply..

Thanks Eva for the suggestion about Murine : maybe we can try that one as well. Tracy: no, we dont have any evidence for allergies, but I will keep in mind the suggestion if the situation persists.. I will try with good cleaning and tears for now and let's see:)




We see a lot of dogs coming into our training classes who have problems with red eyes, discharges, tear problems etc.  When all obvious problems have been ruled out by the vet we usually find (usually in about 99 out of 100) that the problem is nutritional ! Change the diet to something more natural - end of problem.

Not necessarily.  It can be an intolerance, or even inappropriate grains which a lot of food contain. They are proven to cause inflammation (in humans too...)

Surely we cannot blame everything on nutrition!!!!!  Obviously Silvia's vet has ruled out entropion, presumably ingrowing eyelashes etc.  I am more inclined to think it is something in the atmosphere, dust, dry heating etc..  See Sue's and Cornelia's comments below.  My eyes are watering at the moment and are a little inflamed.  I have been gardening all day and have come in from the cold into the warm. 

A few drops of milk in the eyes might help. Just try it in your own if they are itchy & feel how soothing it is.


They will look a bit messy for a while but do not be tempted to clean them out immediately.


Can't do any harm & very cheap!!! 

Hi, I had a very similar problem after a trip to the beach when Ruby was playing a lot in the washed up sea foam and initially I thought maybe a pollutant in it but on hindsight i think it was just irritation from the salt and after consulting sister who is a vet we opted for Piriton and half an asprin which certainly eased her discomfort.

Hi silvia...Oberon's  brother Steo also has had problems of this nature...He had very slight entropion that has thankfully improved as his skull has developed, and now only has problems if I haven't hoovered up and they play with the vetbeds etc!!!! Certainly knows how to make me feel guilty!

thanks everybody!!! Oberon is improving a lot with more constant cleaning and viscotears (artificial tears), so i guess we keep going with this, it seems we are on the right track.. redness is not totally gone, but the  disconfort is gone (he is not rubbing his eyes anymore) so we are more confident ..

re nutrition: thanks!  of course we'll keep an eye on that , although is difficult to be more strict on his diet.. Oberon is now on 1 box of naturediet food (contains `only` rice as cereal- well, maybe is the rice I dont know..) in the morning plus a huge bowl of  meat only in the evening (normally chicken or beef). we use an integrator called petplus over his meat to make the dinner more complete in terms of nutrients. Occasionally, just as special treats,  he has some salmon or a can of sardines or an egg, or a lamb neck or a piece of ox tail. During the summer he had occasionally some dairy  treats (as ice cream or yogurth or a small piece of cheese), but not at the moment so I am not sure dairy this may be the cause

maybe I can cut the sardines  since this is the only oily/processed food he is having (but no more than once a month) and see... I just realize that, although I am more inclined to blame dry eyes in his case, now writing down the list helped me to see where a potential problem may be:) 


thanks a lot everybody!!!


Don't cut sardines.  They are a great source of oil and are not processed, just tinned.  Mackerel is great too.  Once a month is not going to make any difference.  My dogs love sardines.  Oily fish is good for all of us!!! 




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