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George and Daisy have arrived, they are settling well with my daughter's family. BUT one big problem I hope someone can help us with. We introduced George and Daisy to my Bracken in a park as we thought it better not introduce in our homes. Bracken was keen to meet Daisy but George who is much smaller than my boy was very aggressive towards Bracken and had him on the ground. Bracken was off his lead but George and Daisy were leashed.

We hope the two boys will get along, but George is extremely nervous and we know nothing of his past.

We thought trying taking the boys out without Daisy, or maybe muzzling both boys. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Perhaps the lead was a problem. Some of my boys have been rather 'up for it' if they are on the lead and see another dog. Finn is like that especially when out with our bitch Bridie. Off lead he couldn't be bothered as there are far more important things to be doing!

Of course I understand that George is an unknown quantity here, and you are trying to avoid full on 'war'.

Hope you can sort it out...good luck.


Thanks Sue for your comments, you are right the lead could be an issue. We did not have a bracken as a pup and he was always nervous when on the lead if another dog came near. Unfortunately we cannot let George and Daisy off lead yet as we have no knowledge how they are on recall.

We tried a muzzle on George but when Bracken had his back turned George was on the attack .

My daughter has arranged to take George on a pack walk, do not know if this is a good idea.

so sorry you are having this problem...I have experienced problems when the boys are on the lead and a free roming dog approaches, I think they get ansty as they can't get away.The pack walks, ours ws a "naughty dogs" walk, can be a great help...we used to go on some when my three were behaving like hooligans, I had one who was particularly nervous and had a kind of "i'll get you before you get me" mentality. They are brilliant as long as the trainer incharge is on the ball and can spot ;problems almost before they arise. All mine behaved really well amongst about 20 dogs of all shapes, sizes and degrees of agression or bad behaviour. Alway amazed me to see all these "naughty" dogs behaving really well and socialising!

Thank you Christine, I am really hoping the person running the pack walk is knowledgable on the sort of aggression George has. I have not taken Bracken out with George since the last meeting, As I don't want him to get stressed out. He is not so brave now he is an only dog.

In the home with my daughter and the children, the rescues are making themselves at home and being very well behaved. Just this one problem with Bracken.

you're welcome Valerie, really hope you get it sorted,may just take time of course..the other bit I didn't mention is that the guy taking us was amazing and also pointed out that some of their behaviour was actually OUR fault lol!! Not that i am suggesting that this is your problem at all just saying we learnt a lot about how a pack operates, even i it's only three, and how we needed to be on top of things all the time!!

Hi valerie, not too good with advice but can offer support. At least the two have settled in quite quickly with your daughter and family, that's half the battle won especially with rescues! They are two fortunate Setters to find a wonderful loving home together. Keep persevering with the meet and greats and hopefully with time things will improve.
The pack walk sounds great, that's one thing regularly done in our dog obedience club. All the best
Thanks to everyone who has replied, hopefully George and Bracken will get on soon as we have a holiday in Cornwall planned for family and dogs. There are plenty of lovely walks there for all, we are all looking forward to taking the dogs on our lovely local beach to see if Daisy and George enjoy the sea as much as Bracken does.
Yes Michelle you are probably right, apparently they got on well with other dogs at the rescue so we were not expecting a problem.

We are not introducing them again until George has been out with the trainer, and we get some feed back. Bracken used to be a bit anxious about black dogs, which he has overcome. Maybe George does not like red ones.

Hopefully there will be a happy ending.




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