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Please be wary.I have received three calls ,on different days,all saying they were from Microsoft and insisting I access my computer to repair 'faults'.I refused  and the caller was very hostile.I put the 'phone down and was called back.I insisted on having his number and then put the 'phone down.

Microsoft tell me that they never 'phone customers.

I have since heard that if you access your pc and follow their instructions they will charge you to put it right after they have installed some dodgy programme.

The Sunday Times, here, carried an article saying that a reader had had thousands of pounds taken from her on line banking account after believing what they told her.

Please be wary!


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Thank you, Howard! I actually had a similar call (from a number in Canada) stating the same. I refused and explained I'd be contacting my local computer firm if I experienced problems. I then made a few calls and all revealed exactly what you are saying: Microsoft do not contact customers by phone. I am in Switzerland, so it seems they not only active in the UK...

These scammers have been operating in New Zealand for months now - there have been some VERY entertaining methods put out there giving ways of dealing with them.

Thanks Howard ...




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