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Anyone interested in meeting up for a Setter get together :) We are based in Downings, Co. Donegal but are willing to travel for a few hours. If we make it a good beach area we could bring the rig and if people wanted to try some mushing they could. Depends on how hot it is though.



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Two, miles long beaches are the Buncrana beach and the Downhill beach. No idea what is mushing but ready to try anything and everything. :-)

Downhill beach looks nice. This is mushing


Wow!!!!  looks like they enjoy it ... cannot wait to see it, but like "Ossian" I will watch it only ....  :-)

Downhill would be my favourite too, but up to all of us. Let's go for a date right now, we are pretty flexible here, what about you Rita, and you James? and all the other ones .... this will be a great day I am sure we will have a lot of fun  :-)  :-)

We're up for it if the date is suitable!

about 2.5hrs Susan LOL

South Africa is an amazing country I've always wanted to go their on holidays, but I'm not good with the heat!

Rita I wish I was in Ireland!! If you are going to harness a setter to a rig I want video footage. I cant think of anyone brave enough to sit behind a setter - you do know they dont run straight and have the attentin span of a gnat!!?
Beautiful Gordon you have Ossian :)
thank you Rita I also have IRWS which is why I was so taken with the photo. I have just realised that your boy is a Fionn son? the Dalriachs are the most adaptable of dogs. Along with great working ability they love agility, water sports, one is a "sniffer dog" I havve tried Fergal (Fions cousin) in a rig and also in CaniCross and he seemed to love it - go girl i hope you get everyone together!

Yes Banan is Fionn's son. The IRWS is an excellent mushing dog they appear to have more power and stamina than the reds. Trevor takes 3 of them canicrossing and I really don't know how he can manage. They have some power behind them and can get up to speeds of 25mph when mushing,



Susan don't tempt me I could do with a trip away!


Ossian your totally wrong there! Irish Setters are excellent mushing dogs. A team of Irish Setters won the Iditarod in 1912. They are very smart dogs and will turn, stop, pass distractions on command. They'll pass rabbits, birds and other dog teams on the trails.  We've being mushing 3 years now and the dogs have won their class aswell over in the UK. They'll be heading to Norway/Sweden in Februray 2012 to enter the Swedish Championships and train on snow. It's all about training and letting them do something they love.


This is a video of our team training on the sand dunes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Soq9I8eZz50

do you know Ewan and the Snopeak team from Scotland?
Yes I know Ewan, but only on FaceBook. I haven't gotten as far as Scotland yet for mushing events.




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