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Hi Guys... alot of you here are people that own the dogs for shows
I own a working irish... and his coat is getting tangled up with grass and things when out hunting so I decided to shave (Not fully) but make him like a pointer. and leave the legs and tail with feathers.

I was hopping you guys have some photos of setters with hair cuts like that. If it is possible to post some up so I can see them???

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Hi, I do not hunt with my dogs, but we do go out in the fields, and at this time of the year, with mud and grass, i admit that the coats get really messy. But I would advise you against shaving your dog - I did that to my cocker some years ago, and it worked very well, but only while the coat was very very short, once it started growing, it was a lot worse, the coat got tangled in the grasses the same way, but was now also getting tangled in itself! I let this go on for so long that i now have no choice but to shave my cocker 3 or 4 times a year and keep her coat very short to keep it from getting tangled.
I have no intention at all to do this to my setters and regret ever doing it to my cocker as it completely ruined her coat!
No no I dont mean fully shave it... I will leave something on him...I dont have a problem with clipping the hair 4 times a year...




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