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A few weeks ago Finn mentioned that her Fergus had been overnight in the vets. He had a suspected blockeage and ended up on a drip. Vet was puzzled by the symptoms but Finn thought he had been on walk and might have eaten something.  He recovered well.


In the weeks since that email I have now heard of six dogs that have ended up in the vets with puzzling symptoms.


Seems to be:


dog has returned from exercise and not long after has been very sick. some are repeatedly sick and have diahorrea as well, others are just sick.

the go down fairly quickly and will usually have an extreme change in temperature. the gums wuill be very white.


Some show a dramatic increase in sodium and others a rapid drop.


tjhe most recent case is a Chinese Crested puppy who had to be hospitalised overnight. She is now eating and drinking and almost back to normal.

These cases have been N. Ireland, Yorkshire, Wales and Scotland.


I am wondring if we have encountered a viral infection similar to what the GP refers to as "Winter flu" its a vomiting and poop bug with a vengeance.

Anybody else coming across it?


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Could it be a bait that is being used in those areas? Something sprayed to kill weeds or invasive plants, maybe? Changes in blood chemistry are often linked to ingestion of poison.
possible but the Welsh dogs were walked on a farmers field in high sheep country and the Chinese Crested was toddling around a housing estate in Lothian

that is why I think this list is quite invaluable. We can get a quick picture of anything that s out there
someone else suggested that?? Wouldnt that be too weird!
Well I know of several Irish who have got sickness and diahorrea, though not all of the dogs are affected and as far as I know haven't had to kept in overnight at the vets, though the vets have done tests.
Hawk had flu symtoms for several days last month also one of the cats took both to vet and they could not find anything wrong. But I am in the US.
We are in Yorkshire. About a month ago all three of mine have had very bad diahorrea, the youngest bad enough to go to the vet - lots of blood in her poo etc, antibiotics and "probiotics" sorted her out very quickly. She was really poorly for 24 hours. The vets said they had LOADS of cases recently and were concerned. My dogs only get exercised in our own field so it's not poison or anything. My sons dog then caught it after a visit to us, then he had it again 2 weeks later, now mine has it again.... So there's definitely something around here.
24hrs later - he's better again now. If it occurs again I will mention campylobacter to him. Just researched it on the internet and it sounds a possibility! Thanks Sue.




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