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Sire and Dam details in Litter Advertisements

A interesting new trend in advertisements on Dogs on line pure breed website. Litters of Irish being advertised with no mention of the Dam or Sire. Ads talk of proven show lines, bloodlines that have proven to be successful around the globe, features some of Australiasias top bloodlines, all Uk and european lines etc.

No names of the Dam and Sire.

Contact with the breeders has to be made before you can find out.

I find this strange as I would want to know more about the health and background of the pups up front. What do you think

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Susan your comments are sound, they do not contradict themselves. You have a very generous nature in explaining your self over and over.

It is sad that Victoria has now had to legislate to try to make purchasing a puppy a reasonable thing for some one to do. Pups must now be advertised with their microchip number or the registered breeders number so that breeders can be held accountable. Very much a breeder beware situation. This is what happens when too many breeders have the 'Buyer beware attitude' and feel justified in using it.

Thank you for replying to the post. I look forward to your  gentle womans sound comments in the future.  

It is sad if this is how we let it slide Susan. I am not looking for a pup but it is important that good examples of our breed are available to new people in a very open manner. Hence the post as I am concerned about this trend that is sneaking in. The kennel name, the face of the breeder and no information on the actual dogs. If indeed there is no problem in judging a show dog by a face and kennel type it makes me wonder what are we actually offering.

I see why the Kennel Club and Dogs Vic feel they need to push information for the general public. There is a real awareness to make the public aware of what their rights are, what is a healthy pup and what the breeder should be offering as service with their new companion.

Susan, I agree with everything you have just written, including the criteria you set for the breeders of pedigree dogs.  I have answered your earlier comment to me on page 5 (I think) and would reiterate here that, just as there are all manner of breeders so there are all manner of dog (pet) owners.  You are a person who involves yourself in all matters pertaining to English Setters but there are many who don't, just as there are good and bad breeders.

Dogzonline, correct me if I am wrong, is probably not the type of advertising medium that most serious breeders/exhibitors would avail themselves of but it exists so it obviously satisfies a certain market for pedigree dogs and is widely used. 

I totally support yours and everybody's undeniable right to have and to express an opinion and have always done so.  Please support mine for I am just as entitled as anyone else.  All we do is exchange our opinions and debate points.  We all believe we are right and the nature of debate is in the art of convincing other participants in that debate.  Sometimes we succeed, other times we don't and debates can get very heated.  We can always agree to disagree but should never bear grudges.  That is my philosophy anyway. 

Because comments are not placed where we are replying, I am responding to the comment made by Eva which I believe is on page 5.

Eva, you have completely ignored what I have said. You made a statement about me that was untrue. I have not said anything derogatory in my coment which I copied and pasted about pet owners, yourself, or anyone. I am not angry. I am simply correcting a statement you made about me which is untrue. Because of freedom of speech I am entitled to do this. I do not need to read your subsequent comments to do this. I am certainly not setting you up higher than everyone else. Again, there are No Words in my comment to justify what you have said.

Susan, I have tried to explain to you my experiences of 'pet owners', that is all.  I stand by all my comments in respect of this.  I feel you have misunderstood me and completely ignored everything I have said.  However. it has not been my wish to upset you and I apologise for any statement you feel I made about you that was untrue. 

Finally I have offered you the courtesy of reading everything you have written and I find it sad that you do not feel the need to extend that courtesy by read my subsequent comments.

In the interest of respect being shown to people who have replied to this post honestly I am closing this post. A sense that a group of ES members are playing games with those honest comments for their own amusement is very strong and it is not what the forum is for. Thank you to every one who has contributed. Kind regards Rhonda




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