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I'm considering buying Rosie a showtech waterproof dog coat with legs, so that when we go out in the snow she doesn't turn into a snow monster. She must have doubled her weight in this mornings' walk and I couldn't break them off until we got home. And one point she could hardly walk. We could also use the coat for muddy walks when i don't have hours of time to clean her.

Am i being silly?  I know she will look very silly :)  Does anyone have one for showing? are they durable enough for long walks in the snow?

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Hi Linsey, I think is a good idea !! If I were living in a town with much snow I would consider it, or, well,  at least what about some snow shoes?? Those snow balls are soooo annoying!!!! Oberon spends hours just fighting with them , when is plenty on his paws :))

are you having lot of snow there now? It looks a lot of fun , a big hug from us :)


Mushers's secret is very good for the paws....you can get it on Amazon  ....:-)

Thanks for your ideas. I've worked out that it's only very fresh powder snow that causes a problem, the snow has melted a little today and not a snowball in sight at the end of the walk.

Her snow balls weren't really in her feet but attached to her featherings all up her legs and hanging from her chest and belly, but then she was ploughing through all of the snow drifts!




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