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source online to buy worming and flea products?

Hi, I wonder if anyone can reccomend a good website to buy worming and flea products for our setters. I am not gonna pay the vet anymore for these as so expensive! Anyone have any particular products they use and know are good?


Thank you

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Best thing to do is a google search on the products and then compare prices.  There are lots and lots of pet pharmacies out there who are FAR cheaper than vets. Watch out too for hidden costs such as shipping.  Some pharmacies include shipping in the price, others add it on, and some appear to have extortionate shipping charges, so the product appears cheap but you will pay more for shipping.  I buy a lot of my dogs stuff online these days,  Also if your vet doesn't charge for a written prescription, it is better to get the prescription and  purchase any pharmaceuticals through a pet pharmacy.  The vet I use have a £5 prescription charge, others are free, but another one I know charges £25 which he is legally entitled to do .... and that is to prevent you  purchasing elsewhere. That imo is wrong !

I've always used www.nutrecare.co.uk for worm and flea treatment 




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