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My girl, Cherry is 18 months and finished her first season a week or so ago. I noticed that during and after her season, her nipples grew and remained larger which I understand is normal. I have also noticed that the area around the nipples, especially on the teats nearest to her back end, are bluish under the skin almost like slight bruising. Also a slight reddish mark about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch from one nipple. She is very well in herself and I don't think there is anything to worry about but would welcome advice.

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Not to worry, this is quite nromal after the first season.

Thank you Susan

It was a revelation to me when Bella had her first season (she has now had 2) just how enlarged her nipples get and how long they stay that way.  I would say enlarged for about 2 months.  She also had a sort of waxy dark substance on them that wiped off with a damp cloth, and at one point had a little lactation for maybe 2 days just out of one nipple.  I did take her to the vet that first time as I was clueless and looking on the internet had me concerned that this discharge may be mastitis but much to my relief I was reassured that it wasn't as there was no smell, tenderness or heat of infection, (all of which I had checked for but decided to discount what my head was telling me and check anyway, felt like a bit of an idiot)  Same thing happened in the second season but didn't seem to last as long.

Thanks Elizabeth - she's just growing up bless her. I shall critically veto any boyfriends :-)

Quite right too, it is your parental responsibility to ensure she doesn't fall in with a bad crowd and get knocked up by the local bit of rough who isn't prepared to take care of her in the long term.

It's a constant vigil - I'm sure she loves me too much to even look at another!

Hi Debbie


Not been to agility as we are trying to sell house and move to Lincoln but not sure whats happening and when.


cya soon I hope Merry Christmas x




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