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Just joined this forum with a hope of finding some answers/solutions regarding the dreaded GDV in one of my setters. I have had setters for over 30 yrs and have never had a problem until now. My previous pair lived to 15yrs. I have 2  girls who are now 5yrs old (sisters) Sophie and Missy. Sophie is the larger of the two .I also have a 2yr old yorkshire terrier called Lucy. Last June Sophie started wretching, became unsettled, Lucy started barking at her and wouldn't stop.. Next thing her abdomen became bloated. Rushed her to the vets, which thankfully was about 3 mins in the car. She was operated on right away noting that she had torsion as well. The vet had decided not to do a gastropexy as he was quite confident it would not recur!.....Sophie made a speedy recovery..I changed her feeding to 3 times a day with kibble and a little tinned dog food and changed to feeding bowl from elevated to floor level. All was well until I took my girls on a trip in my motorhome (they love being in the motorhome) with my sister who also has a motorhome. This was in October. Same thing happened again, so got her to a vet within an hour. Again the stomach had torsion again and the vet also carried out a gastropexy....Again Sophie recovered amazingly well.

Then just over a week again it happened again!..( 11th Feb) .Poor Sophie has had 3 major abdominal operations in the space of 8 months. I am at my wits end !!!. I have stopped feeding her kibble and put her on Chappie with some lightly cooked fresh mince. I do know that she burps quite a lot (has always done this) and when she is settled in the evening has her paw in her mouth like a comforter...

I don't know what else I can do to prevent this happening again..



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Rob, I was able to just type in www.rawmeatybones.com and pulled up the site.- kim

Thanx Kim, I'll try that

I googled a U.S. site for RMB's also

I have found what you have written Fran extremely interesting, It's prompted me to do more for my Irish boy I'll never give up trying to give him the best since he bloated. Although I still feed kibble.......I think I and he are ready to change. the malabsorption really interests me and I have been wanting to know much more!
I'm glad Miss Sophie is feeling better too Shirley a huge relief. I'm also sorry to read of poor Canagan....that's all so very sad.
Long live the memory of your Kille Setter Fran.... Dianne and irish x

To clear up any possible confusion:

Canagan’s mother’s pedigree name is/was Caskeys Vermillion at Bluesprings. The KC name indicates she was bred as a “Caskeys”. The suffix “Bluesprings” is/was used by Canagan’s vendor. When we purchased Canagan, she his mother was registered to the vendor and his (Canagan’s) pedigree name was consequently “Bluesprings” Challenger. We purchased him in the January 2008 and he developed bloat, his breeder being informed, during September the same year. His mother was subsequently registered back to the breeder sometime during the 4th Quarter of 2008 who holds/held the Caskeys name for her to produce her second litter. I must, whilst I totally disagree with said action, point out that the KC suggested this was not an uncommon situation.

The Caskeys breeder kept Caskeys Feebee, one of the pups from this litter born the later part of April 2009, and has subsequently bred from her producing pups last April. This breeder is/was on the committee of one the larger IS breed clubs in the UK who yes were/are one of the clubs helping organise and fund the initial pilot research project into Bloat at the AHT.

The KC confirmed by letter 14th May 2010 that the report about Canagan complied by Professor Hall was forwarded to both parties.

I have noted in previous forums on this site that various contributors have made comments on the facts surrounding Canagan’s illness based solely on hearsay and intimated said facts together with what happened subsequently are untrue. I have refused to comment as I fear that the resulting abuse and arguments would be detrimental to what most and I included think to be a website extremely beneficial to the IS community. On that basis alone I will not contribute further to this discussion.

Any attempt to state these facts are untrue will be considered libellous on my part and dealt with accordingly.   

Hi Kirstie,

I wish you all the very best with Seamus. Let us know how you get on!!!


Good luck with Seamus.

Hi Kirstie pleased to see you have made your decision on your Irish puppy, name is perfect too. Bracken was kept on by his breeder as a show dog and we had him at 1 year old. Lena was also kept on by her breeders for showing. But we were so heart broken at losing our lovely first rescue Toby and also a 5 year old Bridie within weeks of each other, that they entrusted Lena to us.

Enjoy Seamus and do not worry too much about bloat, we do not feed dogs after they have had a run for 1 hour or so and again no exercise for a good while after feeding. I am sure you will have already received all the advice you need.

We are considering running a workshop in the not too distant future. I will post on here once all the arrangements have been made.  I am writing a book on health issues which is going to include information on pet health as well.

I too don't believe the problem can be cured, but I think it can be supported and maybe reversed to a certain extent, depending of course, on the level of damage which it has caused internally.  As we know, some don't even make it past the initial torsion, which was the case for poor Tallulah's mum, and also my friend's Doberman last year, although they discovered a massive tumor which they believed started the ball rolling for him.  Poor Kille's gastropexy didn't prevent him from bloating either, it just stopped the twisting.

My heart goes out to all the dogs and owners here who are suffering from this awful condition xxx

Hi Shirley.

Have a look at this link and you will see just how close a dog and a Wolf are inside. You will also find facts about raw feeding.





Thank you Garrech and Canagan for the Irish setter bloat link. Although saddened by what I read, I feel I've learnt a little more on this terrible condition that plagues our much loved Setters. I struggle sometimes with which road to take diet wise, since my Irish boy bloated but am prepared to try suggestions.
Take care Dianne and Irish

Sophie came home today albeit a bit quiet, but i am sure she will be back to her normal self soon. So far my vet bills have totalled £5500 since June last year (max per year is £6000) I don't know what the cost is for her current treatment...Thank goodness for petplan.






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