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Whats the worst thing your mad setter has pinched/played with and what do you do? ....


grit ur teeth or laugh histerically!!


Rubys favourite is underwear and socks, if she can get out in the garden she loves to throw them around!! has us in stitches as gets all tangled up.  

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Pajamas and newspapers ... the front page only, natch!!
One of my dogs had a thing for mobile 'phones and tv controllers! one day I couldn't find my 'phone so I rang the number with my wife's 'phone and heard the ring coming from the garden....buried under a pile of soil!
Willow prefers the sponge from the shower, my coat (when I'm taking it off) shoes (when i'm trying to put them on), towels or papertowels when I'm trying to clean.
A very expensive camera, which was taken up to the top of the stairs by Cara and thrown down the stairs when she got bored with it

A bottle containing 100 antibiotic tablets, the thief removed the top and ate quite a lot of them

Currently one of the airvents is missing from the dashboard of my dog van, cant find it anywhere in the van . On a previous occasion another IRWS removed the lock from a car door. And many years ago, a springer ate the gear lever in another car!

Then there was the IRWS who stole a loaf of homemade bread left to cool in the kitchen - which unfortunately still had the paddle of the breadmaker inside it. Never found the paddle, it may still be inside a dog!

And Grainne (Ardbraccan Glenfiddich) who ate a kilo of uncooked rice stolen from the kitchen - I had a bad 24 hours waiting to see what would happen if it started to swell inside her

And McCoy who ate 12 Mars Bars with their wrapping as well

I could go on and on................
And I cant even remember how many phones and TV zappers have been destroyed by dogs. Sandy had a thing about phones when he was a puppy, I think he chewed up at least four
Darwin crunched his way through 3 remote controls too. He used to chew the spines of books as well, where I'd been holding them. He is a very quiet thief too - one time we were driving home and Darwin was on the back seat with the shopping on the floor of the car. He managed to get into the shopping bag, eat a whole barbecued chicken, bones and all, without us even noticing!
We have an old wardrobe. One of the door can't be closed. Inside: my clothes... a wonderful dinner with our friends: and after a couple of minutes, Jamie bring my brassiere into the living room :-)))) awkward .
Glenn favorite is his friend Dudu; everyone who come into our house must meet Glenns Dudu:

Henry has a penchant for my tea towels, anything out of the shoe cleaning cupboard, wallets, socks and he will judge how important the object is by our reaction. He will reach up and pinch something and then show us what he has, if we haven't already noticed, then it's game on!!! How he loves to tease us, by bringing it very close dropping it on the floor, then as soon as we think about moving towards his trophy he will pick it up like lightning and run with such a cheeky glint in his eye. Oh how we love him!!!!
Rumor loves the winter...he pinches my gloves when I'm putting the leads on...he is an expert, so you don't even know he's rifled your pockets...then I go to put my gloves on, look all over the place and then spot the suspiciously bulging mouth of the abnormally silent dog, smirking in the corner!!!:-) He always does this and is very disappointed if I don't play the game of looking all over for them first:-)) Oh and then I have to put on these soggy articles to go out....Yuk and double Ugh!!
My boy Reuben has a fetish for spoons, especially tea spoons. I was blaming my partner Ben for accidentally throwing them away, but then started to discover them "hidden" in special places round the house (behind the television, under my bed, behind the sink stand...... I could go on). Without fail, when I shake his bedding, there'll be a spoon "buried" under the blankets. He always looks so disappointed when I rumble him - poor Reubs! Haven't a clue what it is about spoons that does it for him, but it is making me far more tidy in the kitchen - no spoons left lying on the side after a cuppa has been made!!
Every night before going to bed, Ari runs to the washing basket.........collects a piece there (from socks to pajamas to my work uniform) and brings it to my bed. He throws it on the bed and then curls up on top. Then he sleeps........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! If I dare to take it away, he gets himself another piece.......and there we go again!
Micawber, has today managed to 'pinch' a pair of scissors, 2 clothes pegs, 2 tea towels, the Daily Newspaper ( a regular occurence) 1 bread knife,2 empty plastic containers, 1 hair brush, a fat ball (for the birds) and there's a few hours to go before bed time. He hides them behind the summerhouse so if you've lost anything it's the 1st place to look.




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