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Whats the worst thing your mad setter has pinched/played with and what do you do? ....


grit ur teeth or laugh histerically!!


Rubys favourite is underwear and socks, if she can get out in the garden she loves to throw them around!! has us in stitches as gets all tangled up.  

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Oh my god what a nightmare - did you take any photos?
Underwear and socks also. He looks so funny when a bra is just hanging from his mouth. So we gave him one of his own and he loves it.

Henry cannot leave woolly hats, scarves or gloves alone, no matter where we put them as we come in, they are never there when we want them again, they are usually buried in the sofa or in his toy box. 

He also has a thing about his dads boots or trainers, I'm always telling him to put them away, when he doesn't they get re-designed, courtesy of Henry :-)

Mine keep stealing the dishclothes that I wash the pots with and the wire pan scrubbers too.  They like to play tug of war with them in the garden.  Whenever its missing I have to look for them in the garden!!!  Don't use them again though!!!!
Benson's thing was electrionics.  I can't say how many computer speaker cables he's chewed through and he also ruined a brand new pair of head phones.  The worst was a camcorder that my hubby foolishly left on the kitchen table.  Thankfully, he seems to have grown out of it but I still won't leave anything out to tempt him.

This discussion is full of good laughs!  Our Shannon once stole the Sunday beef roast down at my Mom's....and my Mom just cut off the part she chewed on , washed it really well ,reseasoned it and popped it into the oven needless to say Mom and I skipped the meat that day and had a hard time controlling our laughter while eveyone else ate. He would also steal golf balls from the golfers on the golf course any chance he got....loved them chasing him with clubs swinging as he thought that was part of the game.

  Last Shilo stole bread out of the bread drawer and peanut butter  sandwiches and his beloved raw broccoli but his favorite was my new little bushes around my patio....he would be tossing them up in the air and running all over the yard.  I would finally get them back and go to replant them....having clay soil it retains water and the very last time he stole one I was kneeling down to replant it in muddy ,soggy clay when he decided to help by jumping on my back....I was face down in the hole and came up dripping mud and water and madder than a wet hen....must have impressed him as he never touched those bushes again.

  Our Molly's favorite tea towel ( I gave up but don't tell her I never use it and it really belongs to her now) is the only thing she will counter surf to get....hides it and brings it out to tease my husband as he chases her for it....this is repeated over and over and we never find her really good hiding spots( think it is inside a pair of his work boots in the closet).  She also borrows socks to tease us with and hide from us out of the laundry basket....and she even had her own bra after she redesigned one to suit her tastes........she loved fighting with that until I made it disappear so company would not see her playing with it.  I can think of a dozen borrowed items here over the years and most we tried not to laugh out loud about ....part of the charm of an Irish Setter's antics and the stuff family pet legends are made of! 

Gina loves my rubber flip-flops. She chewed so many of them to pieces, favourably the most comfortable ones.

Then she loves my socks. And my reading glasses, which have scratches so that I read cross-eyed. And pegs. And tissues (used ones yuk!)

The list goes on...


I turn it into training. When she gives the stuff back, she gets praise and sometimes a treat. Works wonders - she always find news stuff that she can trade in for a treat LOL

Last night Ellie pinched Arthur's supper and whilst Joan was distracted Fred managed to get her digital camera from where we thought it was safe.Of course it wasn't the camera he wanted but the leather case. It took quite a time to rescue it, the good news is the camera is ok,I won't talk about its case!

Arthur managed to get his head in the fridge this morning and, at 6am,I was chasing him round the garden like a mad thing trying to get a block of cheese off him! I yelled 'sit' and to my surprise he did.Although I was cross(and laughing) I had to fuss him for sitting and being a good boy(ha!)The cheese was rescued but won't live to see another day.


Chewed up my bank card which I foolishly left on top of a table, which of course with an Irish is easy to reach by standing up on back legs!!  Think they would really prefer to walk like humans on two legs!!  Perhaps they are human?? They looks they can give you can say so much without words!!!  Have had to explain to bank why I needed a new card, at least it gave them a laugh!!
Have really been enjoying this topic....Joan's story made me think of picking out our third Irish Setter ....I had our daughters with us and as we had just lost our other Irish we felt like it was heaven to sit on the floor and play with and watch the litter of pups....we were leaning toward one male who had happily greeted each of us and climbed up on shoulders when that same pup trotted over to my purse and stole the wallet right out of it.. chase ensued from the other pups but it was the wallet stealer who stole our hearts and came home with us that day.

They are always the ones that win our hearts!

 Arthur managed to get the kitchen scissors last night,he can now reach into the sink and the washing up bowl where we thought things were safe to be left.He has had a 'thing' about these scissors for some time.Well he ate the handles,and we can't find any pieces,presumably he has eaten them.He seems well this morning and has abluted as normal.Ah well!

 It could also be bacon scent! I use the scissors to cut the rind off bacon.He seems fine but we did have an accidental piddle this afternoon,the first for many weeks.I don''t think that was the scissors more likely he coldn't get to the garden in time.




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