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Whats the worst thing your mad setter has pinched/played with and what do you do? ....


grit ur teeth or laugh histerically!!


Rubys favourite is underwear and socks, if she can get out in the garden she loves to throw them around!! has us in stitches as gets all tangled up.  

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these stories crack me up. I haven't got anything like that with our Molly. Previous IS stole meat from the bench that was thrawing for dinner, ate expensive shoes etc but I have to say Molly has not done anything like what others are saying their IS have done.
One of our IS could open the pantry cupboard door to get dog biscuits so we pushed heavy bar stools against the doors he would still get in with no noise so we tied the handles together and pushed the stools against the doors .He still got in with no noise we would come out in the morning to find the stools pushed aside the doors untied and the biscuit packet opened all this without a sound as my wife is a very light sleeper.I wish we had a video set up

Bailey is only four months currently he does not have a favorite its just eveything!!! that is in reach he considers the need to steal. Although he does bring things proudly head held high with such a cute expresion its difficult to be cross, one of his favorite activiites is chase me round the dining table with his captured object.



Our older dog when he was a puppy he loved to steal tea towels, socks and toilet rolls, .

We've also done the "catch me if you can" dance around the kitchen table, Marie!   
oaft my setter likes to steal all sorts of thing tht he can get a hold of shoes (all the time) pants,socks,cloths, and towels  he makes us in stitches aswell LOL :)




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