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Anyone used sea kelp and if so what did they use it for . I was thinking of adding to  Sophie's diet to boost her glandular system/metabolism. .She is doing so well at the moment and has just weaned off her steroids completely now. She continues on her low fat diet for her pancreatits.


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Hi Shirl

You need to be very careful with the quantity and the quality of kelp. In 2002 an equine nutritionist developed a natural diet for my horses which included organic kelp. A vet advised me to avoid kelp because of the high iodine content. In the end after countless hours of research I decided not to include it. The certified organic raw food I feed my English Setters contains certified organic kelp. The suppliers have assured me that the quantity is appropriate for dogs. Do you know of an experienced natural vet or non-vet who could assist? With kelp I would only use organic.

I am pleased to hear that Sophie is continuing to do well.


Hi Susan

I was kind of a bit concerned about the iodine content too...I think best to steer clear ..Sophie has not been to well since last night. She is a bit lethargic and not very keen on eating....She was also a bit restless so I thought she may be in some pain with her pancreatitis..gave her a tramadol which was prescribed by vet and have made appointment at my vet . She seemed a lot more settled after that. Her temp was up a bit at 40.4 C so concerned as to what is going on. I spoke to vet on phone and she will be kept in today on IV fluids and more bloods will be taken. Might be an exacerbation of her pancreatitis...Just when you think you are out of the woods....


That is the way it is with pancreatitis, Shirley, and also the reason you have to be ultra careful. I am sure that the restlessness is down to pain, from my own experience with Romeo. It does fluctuate and flare up occasionally. You are never really out of the woods with it completely , so to speak. It is more a matter of staying just outside the edge, hopefully! Best wishes that she stabilises and settles quickly.

Thanks James....She was doing so well. What worried me today was that she had a very small nosebleed in 1 nostril...so that gets me worrying and thinking all sorts DIC etc...what with her prior coagulopathy...Will await the blood results





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