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Dear friends,

we just yet again wanted to check in with all..as you remember Tiffany was diagnosed with Hypotyroidism almost one month ago..our vet here in France put her on "Forthron" two tablets per day to see if the dosage is correct. She  was back at the vet's on Friday morning for another blood test so check how it's working and we gain the results tomorrow afternoon (Monday) Having spoken with you all previously our vet may and it's a big maybe willing to prescribe "Soloxine" for her which we can order via the internet as they do not hold stock at our practice..but anyway I slightly digress. I wanted to see of you may be able to shed so light on these next few points...now these might be side effects from the "Forthyron" but Tiffany has changed :( she seems to be constantly panting, I know it's hot here in France at present but this is silly panting, she is also very, very restless especially at night, she also appears to be somewhat off her food...and takes a lot of encouragement just to eat, also she constantly rubs her "beautiful" little snout up and down the furniture and shakes her head such a lot I thought perhaps ear or tooth ache but the all seem fine on inspection...it is just so very sad to see her like this and all this coincided with the Forthyron"... I know that so many will have views and help for us and we would like to say ahead of time THANK YOU each and everyone and we certainly look forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love Catherine-Marie and especially Tiffany xx   

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I'm no expert but I think the medication can cause lack of appetite, dry mouth and dizziness. Maybe the head shaking is her way of trying to shake off a slightly weird feeling.

Our Bridie is hypothyroid too and pants a lot and rubs her muzzle on anything around, however she has stomach cancer so is always starving...not the same at all. At the beginning she seemed on edge and restless too.

It can take a while for side effects to get better and certainly, can take time to get the medication levels just right, so a lot depends on Tiffany's blood test results. Hope all goes well and that others can shed light on this. 

Hi Sue,

thank you so much for your kind reply, we really don't know what we do without wonderful people like you.

We have a load of questions to aim at the vet tomorrow and we shall let you all know what he has to say when we return..BTW how long did it take Bridie to start feeling better with the HT medication and what medication is she on? We also hope that the cancer will be sorted and that she will have a great time with her parents.

Thank you again for your insight and do please keep in touch.

We all send you all our love

Bye for now

Hi.  Tally huffed and puffed for a couple of weeks when she was first put on Forthyron, and then she has gone through spells of huffing and puffing again when she changed to Soloxine, and also when her dose has had to be modified.  Her last blood test came back that she was still quite low, so we increased it again, and for about two weeks she was quite restless, wobbled around, huffed and puffed, but then she settled down and is now in a really good place, so hang on in there. Also friends of mine who have recently had their dogs treated have said the same thing happened to start off with.

Fran xx

Hi Fran..what an Angel you are, we all thank you so much again for your kind and reassuring words. We shall find out the results of Tiffany's blood test Monday afternoon, the dosage of Forthyron she is on at present doesn't seem (at least to us) to have been very effective..but I'm sure the test will let us know and then we need to try to convince the vet to allow us to change to Soloxine..but we shall see...we shall keep you updated. Glad to hear that tally is now in a good place and we hope here recovery continues.Once again thank you so much

Love Tiffany & Catherine-Marie xx

Let us know what the results of the test are Catherine-Marie and Tiffany, Can you tell me what dose she is on please?


Hi Fran 

Have just sent you a little message 

Catherine xx

Hi Catherine-Marie. Thank you for the friend request..accepted with pleasure.

Bridie perked up very quickly with medication and was much more energetic and her coat improved quickly although we were giving her supplements too. I think it was so noticeable because she had been so poorly as she had an emergency operation for pyometra about 6 months before her hypothyroid diagnosis and her stomach cancer diagnosis followed within a couple of months. Poor girl all the symptoms were masking each other.

She is on Thyroforon for the hypothyroidism. She is on rather a lot of medication, apart from that, to manage the cancer symptoms, so we find that on her reviews they nearly always change the levels of Thyroforon. Her stomach absorption is obviously very hit and miss.

I'm sure it won't be long before Tiffany is sorted out and she too improves. These girls are very tough:)

Hi Sue

Have you tried the Dr. Mercola enzymes for pets for help with her absorption?  Have been giving it to Tally and to say it has helped her immensley is an understatement.

Hi Fran.

We've had a busy time lately...been away and husband away now and although I've read up on them  we haven't sent for any yet. I'm not sure if the situation with the damage to Bridie's stomach wall  is going to prove a step too far, and so far she's in a remarkably good place so that I'm loathe to 'rock the boat'.

I'm glad to hear Tally has responded so well and will let you know if we venture down that path. Many thanks. 

Hi All,

sorry for the delay in posting an update on our little baby.

Well we visited the vet  and he said that the medication was indeed working he didn't or wouldn't go into the specifics but suffice to know that she is somewhere on the mend.

We were fortunate also that he has prescribed Soloxine 0.8mg daily a big dose I know and we return in four weeks for yet another blood test to see how these are doing.

The only apparent down side is it appears that Tiffy is now of her dry food, which she used to love "crunching on" so any ideas would be gratefully accepted and tested..

Thank you all for your love and kind words of encouragement for us and especially Tiffany.

Love to all




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