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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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Probably right as my red headed son was conceived before we had Irish Setters!

Got the Irish Setters to match the son? and who was cheaper to raise? :)
The real love cannot be counted. But I can imagine the the son was cheaper???? 
Well my son is 41 ,he left home when he was 25 .I am not sure whether it was the dogs or my children but I never seemed to have any money when the kids were home.I am definitely better off now!
YES! My boy sleeping with me together with my cat, they ocupied my bed before me and waiting my coming.... To be hoenest.... it's so nice. They are so so sweet sleeping. Once my friend said: Wy should I seat on the floor cuddle my doggy, it's more convenient to do on the sofa.The same with beds...
Mine goes on my bed and will sleep there until I move him. I don't let him sleep on it when I'm in it though. 

My first two no but our current one has wormed his way on there almost from the day he could jump onto the bed.

Dash sleeps on the bed but not as often as he sleeps on a sofa or folded into an armchair. 

Molly spends her time on the bed at night and lounge during the day she is where we are

Of course. They simply allow me to sleep on it at night.

No way! No furniture at all. I sit beside my dog on the floor every night - we have a sheepskin each - and we have shared a futon a few times. The cuddles are nice but the kicking and space-hogging only maintain my conviction that human beds are for humans! We live on a farm and I also bring Shane a lot of places with me, so while muddy pawprints on floors are acceptable, the same on bedlinen and upholstery is not, especially in someone else's house!

My ex husband stayed at my house to look after Finlay while I went on holiday, Finlay is used to sleeping on my bed but he was so spread out on the bed my Ex couldn't get in, so as Finlay slept on the bed my ex slept on the settee (",)




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