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Hello can any breeder out there give me advice on flying Puppies to far flung countries and who they use (if anyone). I have a litter and a buyer from Ajabijian but i am not keen on sending a puppy that far being concerned for its welfare. I haven't sat up all those nights to have a puppy die in a crate on a plane.

But maybe i am unduly concerned. Any advice would be welcome.

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Thanks for your reply, may need your help. we still have 5 boys and maybe a girl which are nearly seven weeks now. I do not want to send one abroad but the buyer seems a genuine individual. I was more about the flight for a 8 or 12 week old puppy. However reading some replies its the buyers i should be more worried about.

thanks again yes we are on Colin's site

don't know why there not there, been sent, on the case ta

This is our first litter so we are new to this, but the puppies are precious to us. The man has a website, he is a surgeon. However we never said we were happy about sending a puppy on a plane. We'd rather not really, but buyers seem to be in short supply at the moment. As we said before it was the trip that bothered us. But now thanks to your answers we should think again.

I think a lot would depend on how well you know the person/s who want to buy the pup.

I definitely would not send a pup to anyone I did not know, however genuine they may seem because how can you be sure of their intentions.

Once the pup has been sent, there is no going back on your decision.

I am sure you would not agree to anyone having a puppy before having met them in person.


so sad to read this -  hope you will get her back one day!!!!

It is very difficult if someone is on the other side of the world trying their very best to do the very best for the breed - difficult not just for the exporter, but also for the importer.   It is not always possible for someone to "get to know personally" the breeder or buyer - what would you suggest those in this situation do?

I was so lucky in that I met the late Jimmy James when he judged here - I was sent a lovely bitch by a genuine gentleman. I also got another lovely Wendover dog at a later date. I was also fortunate in the next breeder I & 2 friends imported a bitch from - another genuine breeder who I had never met sent out another lovely bitch (thank you, June Walsh!).   And I will be forever eternally grateful that I made contact with Rosie Dudley - who didn't know me!!

But I will also remember until the day I die & beyond the bitch sent here that had epilepsy (NOTE: not from the 3  breeders mentioned above).  She was placed in a friend's home as a pet & was never bred from, she always came to stay with me whenever her owners went away, her medication was carefully monitored, & she was a much loved companion.  I will never forget Samantha.

As you can see, the situation does work in reverse. 

In answer to your question "what would you suggest those in this situation do?"

I would suggest they keep their puppies until good homes can be found for them in the UK.

Their is no need to rush to sell the puppies, that is when mistakes are made.

How would you know for sure that the person on the other side of the world is "trying their very best for the breed" if you haven't a clue who they are?

I know of breeders in far flung places who have flown over to the UK to personally take a look at a litter and pick their pup for showing.  That is a completely different situation.


It'd be lovely if we could all afford to flit to the other side of the world to look at a litter, then pay the rediculous amount of money it costs to transport a dog.  Depending on the country you also add quarantine costs, vet costs, housing/feeding costs...

Yes, get to know them, always... but don't write them off as soon as you realise they are from another country, making the assumption that the pup is better off in a home in the UK.  Believe it or not there are benefits to many people by exporting and importing new bloodlines.

No offence but are you 100% sure about the integrity of the buyer from Ajabijian and did the enquiry come via email?

 In the past I have had an email from someone in that country (can't find the email now though) and I can honestly say I didn't trust it one bit. All I'm saying is just be very very careful, I'm sure other people have had similar emails over the years?

no it wasn't an email (why do people keep saying "no offence") it was a phone call and my wife Jeannie had a long chat with the man. However i agree a home in the UK is he best option ,local if possible.

Not even if it was a phone call. That is the last country anyone should send any dog to!




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