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Hello Everyone I need some advice again - I posted recently that Lexi had had to have a protruding mass removed on Christmas Day.  The Vet phoned with the histology result tonight and he has advised that it was a benign vaginal polyp but it is hormone driven.  He wants to see me tomorrow with a view to getting Lexi speyed.  Obviously if her health is at risk I will do it  but has anyone got any experience of this type of thing. I just would like the opinion of more experienced setter owners before I make a final decision.  Thanks again.

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I can't help you but I am pleased it is benign.

I've just had a long discussion with my vet regarding the polyp and I was just expecting him to say spey Lexi but he didn't so now I am a bit confussed.  He basically said that she may get another polyp or may never have another one and that there were some breeds of dog where he would never spey a bitch unless it was for a known medical condition as in some breeds there was a high likleyhood of urinary incontinence.  He explained that she could have medication for incontinence, but as she was so young this was only likely to work for a few years and then would stop working.  He discussed scanning her to find out where her bladder was laying if I chose the spey her (this bit was rather over my head). His suggestion was to give her injections every 3 months to stop her seasons.  She was due in season over Christmas but this hasn't happened so I wonder if the polyp has delayed her season.   Does anyone know anything about these injections, the vet says he has had bitches on them for years.  I am not sure what decision to make now.

I   do know about the injections.We had a bitch that had these injections and they prevented her from having seasons and didn't seem to have any bad effect on her health.She was on them for about five years and certainly prevented the urinary incontinence and the coat changes associated with a hysterectomy.

Hi susan, sorry i cant help much. But several years ago i got a cat, in italy, and we were doing injections once a year to stop the period since we were spending few months per year in a mountain holiday house where the cat was free to go outside. Since in town, for the rest of the year,  she was in our house all time, it was suggested as a better solution instead of speying. the cat dyed at a very old age, so fine, but she was plenty of ovarian cystis and, at that time, we were told (retrospectively!!) that they may be caused by the long term use of injections. Now, honestly I am not sure if this was the correct interpretation, and over the year injections and medications may have improved. still, maybe this is a potential side effect that you may wish to discuss? 




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