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Every night around 10.30 my Kerry comes and stands at the study door and gives me a firm stare. If I do not respond then a call to attention is signaled with a few reminder barks. It is bed time. We walk together to the back door, I let him out. A tap signals that the ritual is to continue. A kiss goodnight for dad (cheek to cheek rub) and down we head to his bean bag. Circle, circle, circle, sigh. Cover and a tuck of his blanket and a wish good night, Family think it is very funny but I know I am loved. A special ritual that he has worked out for the two of us to finish our day. What special ritual has your setter worked out for you to share?

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Very sweet.

After the evenings last constitutional and then after some final floor time, I say "Go to your beds" and off they go for the final liver treat of the day. Pretty simple and basic.

We have an odd setter. Morning ritual is OH gets up, makes a cup of tea and brings it upstairs where we drink it in bed. Leisurely at the weekend, quicker on a workday.

One of us will then go down to wake Bess up. She'll emerge from her bed - if you're lucky - stretching and yawning. If you're not lucky she may wait to emerge until after we've had breakfast. She's slept through the night and has been lacy in the mornings since she was 8 1/2 weeks old just 3 days after we brought her home!

We'll pay for it for the rest of the day though, as she'll be on her toes until bedtime. Never really sleeps during the day.

But I get my lie ins so I'm not complaining!

Oh, and I've always left the crusts off my marmite toast in the morning to share with my dogs. Bess doesn't like marmite and won't touch them. Very odd!

I have 2 with a casual bed-time and 1 who, if I haven't initiated the whole "bed-time routine" by around 10pm, will go stand by the dog, staring at me, tail wagging, until I get the message.  They all run outside to the toilet, then back inside for a little snack, then she goes happily into her bed and the other two take up positions on the lounge.




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