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Went to the Irish Setter Breeders club show today. Some of you may recall the difficulties I've had with Bess - to the extent the Ring Craft club I go to awarded me the award for the handler with the most perseverence (read most difficult dog)!

Well, I was a bit worried today as they had hot air blowers round the hall which spooked Bess something chronic. One was pointing straight towards the ring, and Bess was eyeing it up very nervously, so my husband and the lovely Catherine Carter (who gave me some helpful tips as well) stood in front of it! Seemed to work as Bess was the best behaved to date.

We didn't get placed, and I did a square instead of a triangle, but she moved on 4 legs albeit not very well.

I think she's calmed down after her season, and responding to me a lot better. So now perhaps i can concentrate on handling her better rather than providing the ringside entertainment. :0)

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I've just started showing with mine, both of us have a lot to learn. We've won quite a lot of rosettes and a trophy so far but boy is mine a handful.  He is very dominant and tried humping me at the last show in front of everyone.  Much to my embarrassment.

I've got my second championship show this Sunday - not great timing as I've just been away for a week leaving Bess in the care of my 18 year old son.  So we've not been practicing, and she's lost half her coat as well!  At our first Champ show at the end of May she behaved okay in her first class, but in her second the judge laughed at her and said she was obviously enjoying herself .... well I'm glad one of us was!  Unfortunately there were two of us running around on two legs!  :0)


LOL! You need lots of luck and plenty of Setter Angels. Dont get in a twist - go along with your dog and have fun x

Go Girl!!!




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