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It was the AGM of the dog club where I go to ringcraft last night. I went along  because I was told I'd won an award. Now when I get a rosette at shows I take the card along and they write the points down in a book. I knew that they give  awards at the end of the year for people with the most points, but didn't think  we'd qualify. I was a bit embarrassed as in all but one show we came last, and  only got placed as there weren't many dogs.

Anyway, they had tons of  awards so that lots of people could win. We came second and third - cant
remember the exact categories but it was something like the most points without  getting a first place. I was chuffed anyway, but as I walked back to my seat I eyed the trophies on the table and thought, wouldn't it have been nice to have  won a cup? That should have  been the end of the breed awards - the obedience awards were to be next.

Then one of the trainers stood up and started to make a speech. There  had been no speeches with the other awards. She started off by saying that every  so often there came along a dog that was a real challenge for its owner, and the  owner had to put in so much work to get anywhere with it. I can't remember the  whole of it, but she was making the room laugh. I think you could sum it up as
'perseverance in the face of adversity'. And then she announced the trophy was  going to me and Bess!

Now I don't know  how proud I should be of this, but I think it shows I don't have an easy dog to
work with, and that the work I put in is appreciated. . I was dumbstruck to  have been given this - I've only been a member of the club since June.

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Congratulations it just shows what pztience and perseverance with a strong willed dog can lead to. Hope its the first of many for you and Bess

Thank you!  It would be nice to get an award for the best behaved dog next year though!  :0)

well done Trish and Bess. The start of a long and rewarding partnership.:-)


Well done!.......the only way is up for you and Bess.

Can I ask how you managed to get emoticons to work on here?

Bit embarrassing.  I'm on another forum, so copied and pasted, and then amended the main text from the post I made there.  The emoticons came along too!

Oh!.....guess we wont be using them on here then....lol

Pity.... because I think some of the expressions are great for highlighting a point.

Agree!  I think you can say a lot with them.  And sometimes it stops something being taken the wrong way. 

Well done Trish and Bess i think they will be the first of many awards for you both (",)

Thank you!  Perhaps not all for handling the most difficult dog!  :0)

Congratulations Trish and Bess, you must be thrilled. We got a sash for the fastest recall at dog obedience lol..... and I did back flips:)) I trained Flame for seven years and eventually retired him from obedience....think I got to a sit!! Lol. but it looks like I'm on to something with the Irish girls they love agility and obedience. All the best.


Keep up the good work! =)

Trish, Well Done You! I was just thinking of you and Bess yesterday and wondering how things were going! Be proud, I'm proud for you!




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