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It was the AGM of the dog club where I go to ringcraft last night. I went along  because I was told I'd won an award. Now when I get a rosette at shows I take the card along and they write the points down in a book. I knew that they give  awards at the end of the year for people with the most points, but didn't think  we'd qualify. I was a bit embarrassed as in all but one show we came last, and  only got placed as there weren't many dogs.

Anyway, they had tons of  awards so that lots of people could win. We came second and third - cant
remember the exact categories but it was something like the most points without  getting a first place. I was chuffed anyway, but as I walked back to my seat I eyed the trophies on the table and thought, wouldn't it have been nice to have  won a cup? That should have  been the end of the breed awards - the obedience awards were to be next.

Then one of the trainers stood up and started to make a speech. There  had been no speeches with the other awards. She started off by saying that every  so often there came along a dog that was a real challenge for its owner, and the  owner had to put in so much work to get anywhere with it. I can't remember the  whole of it, but she was making the room laugh. I think you could sum it up as
'perseverance in the face of adversity'. And then she announced the trophy was  going to me and Bess!

Now I don't know  how proud I should be of this, but I think it shows I don't have an easy dog to
work with, and that the work I put in is appreciated. . I was dumbstruck to  have been given this - I've only been a member of the club since June.

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Thanks Kimberly!  We did better at a show just before Christmas - she was in AV Gundog.  Completely misbehaved in the puppy class (which had 12 pups in a small ring so she was slightly distracted).  She did better in Junior with just 5 dogs - she didn't behave brilliantly, but enough to be placed 4th.  I was so pleased as it was the first time she didn't come last!!

Was more embarressed at the Coventry Ladies Gundog show on the 1st Jan, when during the puppy class the judge asked me if she even knew how to stand!  But she was slightly better again, during the junior class, so maybe entering into more classes helps her get used to the ring and relax.


Trish! :-)  Only one word ! Congratulations! :-)

from me too, perseverance does pay so congrats.

Well done to you both.......

very, very well done you should be proud, you know how much you have put into this, so I think it is wonderful that others see it too. Keep up the good work, and well done bess. Huggs from me ( for Bess that is <:0)

ha ha !!! well done, indeed!!! a rosette for the patience in teaching :))

Thanks again, everyone, for your support. On reflection it's nice to know that people who see me at ringcraft every week recognise I've got a 'difficult' dog, rather than it being my own ineptness as a handler. Not to say there isn't a lot of that in there as well!

This has given me a bit of a confidence boost, so Bess and I will keep on showing and providing that entertainment. :0)

And I'll continue to smile sweetly when the judge suggests that I might want to consider going to ringcraft!




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