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Hi I just wondered if it is usual for weight gain to slow right down and even a dog to lose weight as he approaches 12 months old?
Reuben is 11 months and hasn't gained weight since approx march. Intact he has lost weight slightly as 26 kilos today but 26.7 last week. I know he has more power in back legs now and runs alot stronger so presume he is just burning the calories up
However due to an ongoing slight cough problem (with no diagnosis as yet), I am just a little paranoid. He is eating, exercising well still so not overly concerned but more curious about normal weight gain patterns. He is measuring at 26 inches now, so quite the little pony!

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what kind of cough s it?
soft, hacking, does it happen when he has drunk water?
Thank you susan I will check with the vet all the things you said. My hunch is that it is something he was born with as first noticed it when he was 10 weeks old and it progressed, then went away nearly and now progressing again. The breeders are also keen to know what it is too.
By the way are pin bones the ones that are above the bottom and one on each side?
The chewed stick is not all that rare...
One of the dogs bred by me years back had a nasty lump at the back of its throat that was (at first) thought to be cancer.
Turned out it was a part of a stick that had worked itself under the skin and healed in.




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