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i need to buy a good brush for our oscar for crufts , my brush has just broken on me !!! dont wanna pay too much !

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A mason&pearson sometimes older models are cheaper they are rather on the expensive side but worth it!

I use a pure bristle brush and I get mine from Boots.  They do a range called Kent brushes.  Not sure if it's an own brand but they sell for around the £10.00 mark.

Don't get the double sided type with bobbles on the tips of the wire pins - they tear the coat.

Joan and I  use a Mason Pearson brush.As Eva says, expensive but good.

Pages have gone wanted to look at some of the replies again, Oh poop <:0(

The Mason & Pearson Junior is the brush you want, Alice. Oscar is worth it!

Hi dears !! hey!! here you are talking!! OMG, this is a super expensive and great brush, I didnt even know they exist for human people :) we are trying to convince my husband we (oberon) really deserve one for a birthday because, well,  they look so soft and not scratchy on the skin.. maybe is a good investment and they last long, but which model do you use/suggest? junior?




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