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There are many members here that make very good photos. I think it would be useful if we share our experience and knowledge about photography. For start I am interesting in equipment that you use by making your photos.

My equipment:
camera: DSLR Nikon D5000
lenses: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-105mm
program: Photoshop

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Jarno I do not like bad light as on your photo. I prefer sun. I would never shoot such photo. I am always between sun and the object. According to my experiences I even do not shoot in bad light conditions. I wait for the sun. For shooting setters.
While for shooting flowers the sun is not wanted. It is better cloudy. These are my preferences.
Robert, try doing head studies of your boy on a day with no direct sun - not a dark drizzly day like we are having at the moment, but one of those cloud covered days when you can guess where the sun is but not see it. I find those are the best days for getting really good portraits without a harshness or strong shadow as you get in sunlight (yes I know you can use the flash, but I prefer natural light anytime as you know...)
OK, I for one use the shade permanently on my 200mm lense and I would not be willing to do otherwise;-)
For me, the more dynamic photos have the light coming in at an angle, not hitting the dog full on. This was one of my first with the 200mm lense with a shade and I do not think I'd have got the same impression without the shade.

I agree with you Susan. This photo is nice. Thanks for advice. I will try. But I like that the setter coat shine on a sun. Only then it realy shines. Otherwise not.
I am planning to buy a polarizing filter. Does any of you have any experinces or recomandation about it. Must be circular and I must choose between Maruti and Hoya. Any suggestions?
Thanks Cornelia for your recommendation. I will buy Hoya. When you use sky + pol filter what is then with the lens hood or shade. Because you should be able to turn pol filter. And if the lens hood is on you cant do it. So probably you do not use lens hood together with pol filter?
Thanks Cornelia. Then I should buy neutral+pol filter and used it with the hood on. How then you can turn the pol filter when the hood is on. There is not enough space for your finger if the hood is long. Or am i wrong. I do not have any filters till now and dont have experiences.
And also one question. If you have neutral filter always on the lens how is then with the lens cap. Goes it on the filter?
thanks. I am investigating the issue :)))
Oh, NO!!!! What a pitty!!! I'm so sorry to hear that!! Does your camera stil work without the flash? Did you try the remote setting? It probably won't work as well ... ?

Now you have a reason to buy new camera. I think yours is already used a lot and it is time for new. Look from the bright side of life :))

I have also bought new flash Nikon SB700. It will be delivered by Jan. 20th.


REgards, Robert

This was little strange to me that with new flash suddenly the camera wont work. Probably the salesman do not know anything about the camera :))
OK but then only this part for flash does not work. All other works well. Probably some diode or IC is burned and flash doesnt work. I think you should buy a new camera. The newest cameras are very good. And old you can give your doughter to raise a new photo artist :)




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