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Baylee has a bunch of toys and balls to play with, oh, also a rawhide bone and kong. I thought it would be fun to know what others are giving their four legged kids!

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Rafferty's Santa List

Ruff wear K-9 Utility Jacket (to keep him warm as toast whilst doing agility during the winter months)

Ancol polka choc lead and collar (He is a fashion diva)

Clix Car seat harness (safety first and all that)

'Joules' pheasant box duvet bed (Just for the rare occassions he is not on our bed)

Not forgetting the obligatory toys and chews (Raff a spoilt setter? - NEVER!!!)




Wonderful gifts! Gives me some great ideas to spoil my boy!
Love some of your ideas:)) I've been trying to organise handmade terracotta bowls with painted pooches on them from Tasmania. I'll try hard to make them some homemade treats too :))) soooo love Christmas with the Reds better not forget the bossy British shorthair cat we have Mr Squishy lol.

We've got 5 boys and girl to provide for. Bridie has a honking duck toy, Kiefer has a chicken flavoured nylabone (he adores them), Finn,Steo and Calum have three soft toys to 'fight' over (not literally I hope) and they all have new antler dog chews. They'll rip off all the wrapping in a frenzy, pinch each others toys and race round the lounge, and finally Bridie will collect all the things she deems worthwhile, and the boys will let her!!!!

Raff's utility jacket has just arrived and I must say it exceeded all expectations!  I have found it very hard to find a jacket that fits around the deep chest whilst at the same time has enough length along the back.  This fits like a glove and is not too thick or bulky to impede the free spirit of a setter at full pelt. It also keeps all his long chest feathers neatly out of the way for the wet days and is a very nice red colour.  A good all round stylish jacket.  Time to wrap it up now ready for Christmas! For anyone looking for a jacket check out this website www.ruffwear.co.uk (K-9 overcoat utility jacket) It is expensive but well worth it.  Raff will be a real Christmas trend 'setter' this year.  (Ho ho ho the old jokes are the best!)

"Trend-setter" Debbie, (haha snort, snort!) That's a good one! Great gift ideas! And thanks for the web link. Merry Christmas!

Well my "due date" isn't until December 29th for the puppy but I'm working on a care package for the "expectant mom" for Christmas...hope the breeder doesn't think I'm too nutty! Any ideas to spoil a pregnant bitch? :)

Well it is a waste of time giving them anything because they will want the other dogs present anyway. So this year I have got lots of chewy, tug, squeaky toys and some treets, all wraped up seperate and in a new toy box, they can have a lucky dip in turn over the morning, happy dogs.They all have a new single duvet, ID tags and Abbie has a new coat. For their christmas dinner they shall have a nuckle bone ( raw ) most of the marrow removed and replaced with fresh cooked turkey and wraped in turkey skin. Then I can have a nice family christmas dinner in peace.

"Happy Christmas to me"

That's very funnee
Wrong spot for this reply. This was for Kimberly's reply

Good question now that Errol has managed to find the new "Incredible Strapping Yankers" toy that I had bought back in the summer and which I had hidden on top of the shelf. But the bag fell off while I was looking for something and (unbeknownst to me) Errol had nicked it and suddenly reappeared - pleased as pie - with snakey in his mush.


Good hard-wearing toys they are though in case anyone is looking for something that lasts (and the squeek is QUIET!).



Have you tried Stag Bars?  They are stag horns and my dogs love them, they don't splinter and my little cocker carries hers everywhere.   My friend introduced me to them, she got them on line so type in Stag bars and see what happens!!!    Will definately keep them occupied whilst Christmas lunch is being consumed by the humans............................




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