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There may have been a previous discussion of this but where do the dogs sleep @ your house?

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Cage or crate.........you are absolutely spot on Howard. There's nowt as queer as folk :)

Howard,our Yorkie is beginning to have difficulty going up and down the stairs. My daughter asked me very sarcastically if I was going to start sleeping downstairs when Miss Roscoe could no longer navigate the staircase? Of course not, I replied, we'll put in a lift!! Lol...That shut her up! Haha (granted a Yorkie is easier to carry than a setter!)

Dee, I so agree. I am in Utah, it gets cold cold cold from october thrue march and I would never feel comfortable making my babies sleep outside. I am like you, I want them where I will know if they are in trouble.

Your so right about the crate. When I'm out I use the crates, as soon as the door is open Ruby and Poppy run in. They are always so calm when there in there:)) I'm calm too. With now needing to replace the sofa, QS mattress, heirloom quilt numerous other things and not to mention last years Christmas tree and handmade decorations, as I realised when I got them out for this christmas. Should of used the crate in the first place like I was told :)) Lol....priceless, I'll laugh about it when there in their twighlight years although I have turned away and laughed..... but I think it was a little bit of hesterier...... I so adore them, wouldn't be without them. :)))))) it would be too boring. Lol

Getting away from were the dogs sleep, and more on the subject of grates.I have always been anti-crate but after posting on this site in August I read so many good points and I got one for my third puppy, so glad I did as three weeks ago when out of the room Elsa pulled the curtains down ( rail brackets and all) the cord was around her neck and it was at that point I realised how her grate would have saved her had this been at night.

I know Angela, in our minds, crates sound cruel but I've never had a puppy/dog who didn't end up loving theirs. If introduced properly they'll go in of their own accord when they want some peace and quiet! And yes, keeps them safe when unsupervised also. : )

During the day the snooze on the chairs, or in their dog beds.  At night on my bed..... with me being pushed right to the edge. Its a wonder I haven't been pushed right out - yet.

My boys both use a crate.   2 Irish Setters, boys+brothers = let's just say their nicknames are Havoc and Mayhem. Nothing is not fair game to them. IS are late maturers. Individually they are much better behaved and they trade turns for now getting extended house privileges. In my old farmhouse, the stairs to the upper level are steep and they will literally jump down from nearly the top of 12 steps. 2yrs of age now

Rob,very funny tale! My daughter, Caitlyn, and I were giggling at the account of your two lovable goofballs!

Usually on top of my bedspread on my bed with me, until he gets tired of sharing the bed with me! He has a crate he going in on his own for naps and such. Before I go to bed he snuggles up next to me on the couch and I won't have it any other way. These are the few times of the day he is not a rascal!

Like kids...they're so peaceful when they're sleeping! Haha

Hmmmm where ever they like. :-)





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