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Hi, I have just had my 3 yr old castrated ( had to in the end) and I am very cross with the vets as they have bluntly cut ( and very short) the feathering on the leg where the put in the needle etc. I can see the shaved area on top but don't understand why they hacked the feathering underneath. I have never had the feathering cut and am really upset by this. Will it grow back nicely? Will I need to go,to a groomers to encourage it to grow back as it should? I will be complaining to the vets as there are other issues too but was curious to whether this is normal to cut the feathering in surgery?

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The feathering will indeed grow back in time.

It isn't normal to cut the feathering for that kind of surgery. They usually take any hair off and around the area of the incision, however some vets/nurses can go wild with the clippers.

Thank you Fran and I believe the vet or nurse went clipper crazy!

Hi Louise,

my vet is the same....they know me really well and know that we show our dogs but when harry had to have his cysts removed urgently ealier this year as the vet wasn't happy with one of them, they went mad...I was absolutely horrified when i went to collect him, they had shaved huge areas on his flank, rear and tail insted of keeping it small and neat and they had also chopped a huge amount of feathering from his paw, when I said about it they just told me that the paw had to be done as the plaster to hold the cannula in wouldn't stick!! It does grow back but it has taken MONTHS for Harry's coat to grow back and even the feathering has taken quite a while.

Hi Louise,

When Legolas had a bone fragment removed from his shoulder they shaved almost a quarter of his body ( for hygiene reasons I was told), including his front leg down to his toes, removing all his wild feathering, he looked pretty strange for a few months but now it doesn't look at all any different to his right side, there was the stubble phase for a while & his skin needed a lot of moisturiser and sudocrem as he had bad razor burn and a few nicks in his skin but like I said now you wouldn't think anything had happened at all, so your boys hair will grow back, it'll just take time :)


Chinese Crested Setter



I love the look Michelle. Legolas is not impressed. :-)

Hi Rhonda, no he doesn't look to happy here does he...I called it his Chinese Crested phase :)

Nice, poor Chinese Crested impersonator.

Thank you for all your reassurance and I have calmed down now, told the vet to consult me prior to any snipping and just pleased Reuben is on the mend. Poor Legolas def didn't look impressed, bless him!

Oh he sure knows how to work those big brown eyes and make me feel like its all my fault alright Finn :)




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