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Sorry to start another thread about wind/bloating but I'm out of ideas for our Irish Setter Rosco.


Roscos Story

A few weeks before Christmas Rosco got into a bag of dog food and ate till he nearly busted. The vet had to empty his stomach and stitch him up. Nearly a week later he bloated out really bad and had to go back to the vets, and he had surgery again, this time they stapled his stomach.


Rosco went on a diet of chicken and rice for a few weeks till his stomach could handle the food. He didn't do well on the dried food afterwards so we switched him to RAW. He did great on the raw and we could then start to build him up again with his exercise.


Last week Rosco started to have bad wind problems again and needed winded after every feed. It can nearly take an hour sometimes for the wind to go down. He's on 3 feeds a day and he gets his raw food in a mushy texture. He gets a balanced raw nugget which is like baby food really when mashed up.


Has anyone any ideas on how I can help him with this wind problem even a few minutes playing in the garden can cause him to get wind. He looks really uncomfortable.

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Good to hear Rosco is doing better! Onwards and upwards I say.


Btw I 'd still be curious to watch the video you mentioned about how to wind a dog. I did a Google search but couldn't find anything.

I looked up Carbo Veg and it should  help as it is vegetable charcoal(what other sort of charcoal is there?!) I hope it helps but it may be cheaper sourced from elsewhere as Activated charcoal.


KC I'm still trying to find the link, someone passed it onto me that had a great dane.


Howard the remedy was €25 so not badly priced. I'm given it to Rosco a few times a day. He bloated last night again but the bloating is getting less. Rosco is losing weight now as the feeds are smaller so I'm still trying to find a balance.




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