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Cherry (16 months) and I enjoyed a great club agility show on Sunday and were delighted to spend the day with Debbie and Rafferty, a lovely 2 year old Irish. It was lovely to see another IS at agility and we had great fun in a four classes, and decided to enter the pairs together at the end of the day. Both Cherry and Rafferty did very well, both almost in the places in jumping and agility, with clear rounds in a couple, although Cherry let Team Loopy down in the pairs, running off to investigate various smells after the 3rd hurdle and returning after at least 60 seconds, before finally agreeing to finish the course. 

Both our dogs shared a common lack of concentration in a couple of classes, jumping several hurdles and then deciding to wander off for a while before returning to successfully negotiate the rest of the course. I know it's a matter of obedience and training etc but I am led to understand that most Irish share this trait of deciding to do their own thing sometimes during an agility run, obedience trial etc. I'd be interested to learn how others fair and hopefully learn that they do focus more time goes on. I do recognise that Cherry is only 16 months so very much a puppy in attitude. It was our first agility show though and we enjoyed every minute.

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