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Other Gordons usually So few households simply have one and I know they seem to happily share an existence with pointers, viszlas, other setter breeds and spaniels.

Does anyone keep them with other breeds?

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We're a one-Gordon-household at the moment but given my Gordon's nature and having observed him from the beginning interacting with all different types of breeds I think he's actually quite happy with any other breed (so far anyway ;-) ). I did notice, though, that when we used to go to our setter classes in Switzerland where there was a mixture of Gordons, Irish and English setters, that the Gordons tended to stick together a bit more, the Irish kept together too and so did the English. They must still feel that they belong to each other in some way even when they all get on well together. When it comes to playing in the field he generally prefers other gundogs, probably because they like giving a good chase ;-)
My Gordon loves any dog who has as much energy as she:)
J'ai des Setters Gordon depuis ma naissance et mes grands parents en avaient déjà ! C'est une longue histoire...




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